New Mini Compact Scope Monocular Golf Zoom 7×18 Distance Finder

Customers looking for the latest Mini Compact Scope Monocular Golf Zoom 7×18 Distance Finder can purchase the new Gertechs Golf Zoom 7×18 Yardage Range Finder Mini Compact Monocular by Gertechs Products via Amazon. The product listing can be found on Amazon:

Gertechs Golf Zoom 7×18 Yardage Range Finder Mini Compact Monocular is designed with Golf Amateurs, Enthusiasts, Golf Beginers, Indor and Outdoor Sports Audiences. in mind and includes multiple features such as:

Monocular scope with fully coated lenses, made of Alluminium Allow, Plastic, Rubber and Glass.s. – The Golf Zoom Scope have crisp clear optics providing users with better vision of greens to optimize club selection.

Minimum Focus Distance: 3 Meters. Field of view 147m/1000m. Eye Relief: 10mm. Magnification 7x. BK7 Roof Prism. – The device’s range find distance is 200m/200yards allowing golfers to view the greens and make tactical selection of golf clubs.

Unit Weight: 50g Unit Measurement: 7.5cm x 3.3 cm and comes with accessories: Lanyard cleaning cloth, black soft pouch, carrying strap and instructions, all in a colourful box. – The monocular scope is light, small and convenient to carry around the Golf Course; it can also be used at other indoor/outdoor sporting events.

In particular, Paula W Smith, Marketing Professional of Gertechs Products had this to say about the product:

Handy, compact and light device designed to help amateur enthusiastic golfers with right club selection approaching the greens

Those interested in learning more about the company can do so on the company website at Those interested in purchasing can go directly to the Amazon product listing, here:

Contact Info:
Name: German Calvo
Organization: Gertechs Products
Phone: 0034678270361
Address: PO BOX 135, Alhama de Murcia, 3040, Murcia, Spain

Abacus Plumbing & Air Conditioning of Houston Announces the Launch of New Electrical Services Division

Abacus Plumbing & Air Conditioning, a seven-time BBB Awards of Excellence recipient and two-time Pinnacle Award Winner in Houston now offers electrical services to home owners and current customers.

Alan O’Neill, CEO of Abacus said, “When we opened our plumbing company in 2003, we felt like there was a void in our industry of providing a true quality customer service experience. And our goal was to grow from just two trucks up to five. We had no idea how quickly we would expand, and now only eleven years later, we have expanded from just two plumbing trucks and a few employees to over fifty plumbing and air conditioning trucks and quality technicians with one-hundred employees.”

“And now,” Mr. O’Neill continued, “Abacus is excited to launch our electrical services division for our customers. Adding electrical to our existing plumbing, heating and cooling services is a very natural extension, as much of what we already do requires a skilled, master electrician to ensure our work is up to code on every job. It has been my desire to enter into the electrical business for some time now, but the major obstacle has been finding the right person to lead the department and to ensure we can provide the very best technical and customer service possible. I feel strongly we have found the best of the best master electricians in Mr. Sigurd Pineda.”

Mr. O’Neill added, “Sigurd is a Master Electrician with over thirty years’ experience in the electrical field. He’s also a professor at Houston Community College teaching Electrical and Air Conditioning classes, and he’s a Certified Instructor for NCCER (The National Center for Construction Education and Research). We are extremely honored that he has chosen to join our team, and we look forward to providing electrical services to our existing client base of residential and commercial customers.”

When asked about joining Abacus in his new role, Sigurd said, “I am very fortunate to become part of this prestigious organization with such a great reputation and standing in the community. I hope to utilize my years of experience and knowledge to help provide our customers with the best service they deserve and are accustomed to under the Abacus brand and motto… ‘You Can Count On Us.’”

Abacus’ electrical service offerings will include the maintenance of residential and light commercial electrical systems. Services will include, but are not limited to, electrical panels, fuses, breakers, recessed lighting and light fixtures, switches and dimmers, outlets, lightning and surge protection, and annual safety inspections.

To learn more about Abacus’ Electrical Services, or to schedule service, call 713-812-7070 or visit

Abacus Plumbing was founded in 2003 in Houston, Texas. Abacus offers plumbing, air conditioning, heating and electrical services to homeowners in the greater Houston area. Abacus’ motto, “You Can Count On Us” represents the importance of customer service and quality, and has been the foundation and hallmark of Abacus’ success. Abacus is an equal opportunity employer and prides itself on diversity in the work force, and helping individuals learn, grown and succeed in their work and personal life.

For more information about Abacus, visit or call 713-812-7070.

Contact Info:
Name: Mike Myers
Organization: Abacus Plumbing & Air Conditioning
Phone: 713-812-7070.
Address: 15851 Vickery Dr. Houston, TX 77032

New Toronto Airport Limo Website Launches with Key Information for public

Public thinking about Toronto Airport Limousine will discover helpful and related info on the brand new lately released Toronto Airport Limousine site. This site start considers many most-requested functions including Toronto Airport Limo and Pearson Airport Limo Services.

Toronto Airport Limo has spent work and time and effort to make sure a satisfying user-experience while offering related and regular info on Toronto Airport Limo. New functions and extra improvements could be anticipated later on.

Boss Farhan Ansari explained the brand new site in this manner:

“There’s been lots of good feedback encompassing the info and also that it offers. Toronto Airport Limo is devoted to producing changes and continuous changes to ensure that all public have the use of the most recent info on Toronto Airport Limo. It’s Toronto Airport Limo’s aim to get to be the top source for trusted info on problems affecting community.”

Toronto Airport Limo embraces aged, and fresh readers alike to publish feedback for the round of improvements, and also to have a look in the new functions accessible.

Contact Info:
Name: Farhan Ansari
Organization: Toronto Airport Limo
Phone: 416-259-0444
Address: 115 Hillcrest Av

Pastor of North Naples Church Challenges Congregation to Come With him to Serve Their Community

NAPLES, FL – September 12, 2014 – Eric Cox, Lead Pastor announced that every Wednesday morning he will be leaving his church office to serve the local community and challenged his flock at Community Congregational Church to join him.

For ages cities were developed with churches as the central point of the area, but recently, churches have become more and more disconnected from the community that surrounds them. Church leadership and administration generally are aware of events of the lives of their congregations, but are out of touch with the surrounding community – the very people that need help in their own backyards. “I want to be a church that is part of our community, not only a church that is located in our community,” said Pastor Eric Cox.

 “God put it on my heart to start this project,” Pastor Cox stated in his Sunday sermon, “We will be serving a hot meal to those who are homeless at Café of Life in Bonita Springs, FL.” 

“For there will never cease to be poor in the land. Therefore I command you, ‘you shall open wide your hand to your brother, to the needy and to the poor, in your land.’ ” (Deuteronomy 15:11 ESV)

Most churches try to solve the problems of their communities before they fully understand them by creating new volunteer opportunities inside the church, as opposed to teaming up with local ministries already serving the community. These are the people with an understanding of the community and what will be most helpful. Community Congregational Church leadership understands this in their decision to pitch in and help Café of Life, instead of trying to reinvent the wheel.

Just because churches have been out of touch with their communities, doesn’t mean it has to stay this way. Every Community still needs a sanctuary; a place to go for help and a safe place to revolve around.

Visit the Community Congregational Church website, or Facebook Page for more information about the Worship Services on Sundays: Traditional Service at 9:30am and Modern Service at 11:15am.


About Community Congregational Church

Community Congregational Church is a Non-Denominational, Christian North Naples Church offering both Traditional and Modern Worship Services. The Church’s Vision is “To See Every Person Embraced by God’s Love.” CCC wants everyone who attends a worship service to be embraced by God’s Love, then for each person to leave prepared to embrace others with God’s Love.

Contact Info:
Name: Eric Cox, Lead Pastor
Organization: Community Congregational Church
Phone: (239) 597-1000
Address: 15300 Tamiami Trail N, Naples, FL 34110

Online Internet Marketing Franchise Style Business Released to Work From Home

iPas 2 is an online business franchise style platformheaded by Chris Jones.

This is a complete done for you system. Unlock it, get in and drive. 

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This system was designed with the purpose of helping the new person coming online with no experience, tech skills or marketing background get results fast.

It solves all the reasons why people fail online. Some of these reasons include: information overload, lack of tech skills, buying product after product, lack of done for you system, high priced front end to sell, lack of time, lack of support system to help them to name a few. iPas 2 took everything that causes someone to fail into account and developed  the most powerful online marketing system ever created thus far. For experienced marketers, this is the all in one solution that can add an extra digit to any business

The only things to focus on with this system is driving traffic to it (or just buy traffic inside the system and sit back and watch). With high class tracking inside the system, never spend $200+ dollars for tracking tools on the marketplace. No more having to worry about finding converting products and sales pages because that is taken care inside the system as well.

Basically with the iPas 2 system, it is a business in a box. The days of finding high converting products, the best traffic strategies, the biggest guru secret, the lack of time to build a business are now over.

Once inside, there is a professional coach who helps each new customer make their way through the system to ensure success.

It has also combined automation in the marketing with the personal touch of having real people (the coaches) walk through the process and answer questions.

 IPAS 2 is new, revolutionary and different because it is a blueprint to having a multiple income stream business.

While the original system was designed for Internet marketers who wanted to sell digital products, this new iPAS system was developed for all types of businesses looking to market online. So now any business that is looking for new clients can utilize this lead generation program if used properly.

The system comes with sales funnels that are pre-built and designed to educate users on the basic fundamentals of marketing a business online. This includes a comprehensive educational video series.The goal of this platform is to train marketers about the pitfalls that cause most novices to fail in income generating efforts and how to avoid them.The system also helps its users to avoid lead generation plateaus, which limit the amount of income the company can bring in.

Click Here To See How It Works

Contact Info:
Name: Sandra Anderson
Organization: SFA Online Solutions
Phone: 6143349123
Address: 4244 Avery Road

Restaurants in Redding CA Wins Best Of The North State Gironda’s Restaurant Roast’s Competition

Gironda’s Italian Style Restaurant & Bar was named winner of the Redding Reviews Best Of The North State beating out 255 other competitors to take home top honors for best Italian restaurant. Record Searchlight presented the award to Gironda’s Italian Style Restaurant & Bar online pole. Details about the award can be found on the company website at

Potential award recipients were required to encourage existing customers to fill out the online poll of four categories and thirty subcategories in order to be in contention for the Best Of The North State, and were judged based on service, happy customers, and great food.  There are over 255 restaurants and eateries in Redding California. To be a serious contender in this venue a business has to have allot of things working for them.  Service and food being two of them, if the service is bad or the food not that good customers will naturally till their friends and family about it, thus causing a negative downhill snowball effect and possible poor rating.  Gironda’s Italian Style Restaurant & Bar has engaged with it’s customers utilizing reputation management to make sure they are happy with their overall experience eating there.  True you can’t make everybody happy, but with Gironda’s proactive approach it is working very will.  Jim & Penney Gironda are Sol Proprietor’s of Gironda’s Italian Style Restaurant & Bar was pleased about the company’s performance for Best Of The North State 2013/2014, saying:

“Gironda’s Italian Style Restaurant & Bar has worked hard for many years to provide the best customer service in the restaurant business in Redding California, with particular effort on maintaining happy customers that keep coming back, it is extremely exciting to see all that hard work pay off for one of the best restaurants in Redding California.”

Persons interested in learning more about Gironda’s Italian Style Restaurant & Bar and the award can visit best of the north state reviews website at Best Of The North StateRedding Reviews  and Restaurants in Redding CA

Contact Info:
Name: Jim Gironda
Organization: Gironda's Italian Style Restaurant & Bar
Phone: (530) 244-7663
Address: 1100 Center St, Redding, CA 96001

Sign Guys Becomes The Most Trusted Company For Signs Of All Kinds At Affordable Prices

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA – Sign Guys is a well-establishedcompany which has been designing and printing all kinds of signs, banners and decals among other things for many years now. The company has managed to build a reputation for incredible professionalism and extremely high quality of all its products and services.

Sign Guys has become many people’s first choice when it comes to printing. However, the company realizes that bespoke design is one of the most important things when working on a project for a client.

The company always treats each and every project with special care and attention to detail. Sign Guys does all kinds of projects from small ones like business card design to bigger ones such as storefront signs. The company is also known to have successfully handled various marketing campaigns for its clients throughout the years.

More and more startups and small businesses nowadays are choosing to trust Sign Guys for all of their design and printing needs mainly due to the affordability of the services that the company offers. Clients who need a complete marketing plan can get one specially tailored for them by filling out a quick marketing survey. Sign Guys always takes into consideration the budget of each company when devising a complete marketing strategy.

Sign Guys is a company that employs a large team of designers who all share decades of experience between them. Examples of the extreme professionalism of the design team can be seen at

In 2013, Sign Guys won the “Best of Jacksonville” award for signs. The award has been given to Sign Guys for the exceptional marketing success that it has managed to achieve in its local community. Sign Guys has been appreciated for providing unparalleled customer service and as well as services of high quality which both help to enhance the image of small business.

Some of the many products that Sign Guys offers to its customers at affordable prices include banners, yard signs, trade show displays, freestanding signs, business cards and many more. The company also specializes in creating unique logo designs as well as web designs, decals, stickers, wall wraps and other products.

Sign Guys is proud to be one of the few companies in the Jacksonville area that are actually up to date with the latest and most professional LED technology. The LED signs produced by Sign Guys capture consumers’ attention and make a great first impression.

Ever since it was first founded, the goal of Sign Guys was to become a one-stop-shop solution that businesses of all sizes could rely on. So far, the company has exceeded expectations by always offering high quality regardless of whether it is working on a simple sticker project or a complete marketing campaign.

Contact Info:
Name: Wayne Griffis
Organization: Sign Guys
Phone: 904-290-1401
Address: 263 Edgewood Ave. South Jacksonville, FL 32254

New Local Directory Listings Website Launches with Key Information for Dentists and Local clients

Dentists and clients in North Vancouver interested in Local Directory Listings will find relevant and useful information on the new recently launched Quick Response Internet Marketing website. This is a new and unique concept in Directory Listing websites. This new website launch takes into account several most requested features including pictures and videos etc. and it is fully controlled by the listing establishment for customization. It is a fully optimized site and designed to capture the searches for Dentists in North Vancouver on the internet. It is a very professional website exclusively for the Dentists with no advertisements since the income is generated by the listing businesses.

Another unique feature of this venture is to give back a part of the subscription to sponsoring children in the Third World countries through World Vision.

Quick Response Internet Marketing has invested considerable time and effort to ensure an enjoyable user experience while providing timely and relevant information on Local Directory Listings. Additional updates and new features can be expected in the future. Interested parties can view the website at

General Manager Salim Jaffer described the new website in this way:

” Further to our successful launch of ‘The Best Restaurants In Surrey’ directory listing website , there has been a lot of positive feedback surrounding and the information that it provides. Quick Response Internet Marketing is committed to making continual improvements and adjustments so that all Dentists, Local clients have access to the latest information on this Local Directory Listings website of It is the goal of Quick Response Internet Marketing to become the leading resource for reliable information on issues impacting Dentists, Doctors, Chiropractors etc.”

Quick Response Internet Marketing welcomes new and old website visitors alike to take a look at the new features available, and to submit feedback for the next round of updates.

Contact Info:
Name: Salim Jaffer
Organization: Quick Response Internet Marketing
Phone: 7788389442
Address: 1907 Rufus Drive

RPJK Services Seeks Businesses with 1000+ Fans for Facebook Marketing System Beta Test Opportunity

RPJK Services has a limited number of beta slots available for Businesses with 1000+ fans interested in testing a Facebook Marketing System. Their new Facebook Marketing product is being tested and the company is seeking feedback from qualified candidates.

Interested potential beta testers can find out more about the product by visiting the website:

RPJK Services has plans to incorporate several sought after features, including:

Marketing campaigns – Over 2,000 campaigns are ready to use

Birthday Offers – The marketing system automatically sends out offers ahead of a customers birthday

Loyalty Program – Customers are encouraged to interact and be rewarded with a loyalty program.

Selected beta testers will be expected to give feedback on these features as well as other planned functionality.

Robert Keating, Owner, is eager to find the right match between RPJK Services and Businesses with 1000+ Facebook fans. In particular,

“Robert Keating is looking for practical feedback that will allow the company to make specific improvements to the Facebook Marketing System. In exchange, Businesses with 1000+ fans will receive free access to the product throughout the beta period. The company is also considering a special incentive plan to reward these early testers with special pricing and other benefits for helping to shape development.”

Qualified beta candidates can find out more and apply directly on the website, Look for Facebook Marketing System

Contact Info:
Name: Robert Keating
Organization: RPJK Services
Phone: +61434413721
Address: 17 Evadell Street, Gungahlin, ACT

Ethical UK Cycling Insurance Company Teams Up With The Best Bike Comparison Site

Cyclists looking for value for money cycle insurance can take advantage ofthe new ETA insurance page at MyCycleShop. The UK based cycling comparison site is excited to announce that they have teamed up with the ETA to benefit both new and existing customers. In order to take advantage of this quality insurance, customers can visit the website here for full details and a comparison chart.

The ETA trust was founded as a charity in 1994 campaigning for the future of more sustainable, healthy and safe transport. They make a donation to the trust for every policy they sell.

The ETA bike insurance is specifically designed to meet the needs of cyclists no matter what kind of bike they ride or style of riding they enjoy. It even covers breakdowns as standard, the first company to offer such a service. Also included is worldwide travel cover. Those cyclists who compete in triathlon events will also be pleased to know that their equipment is covered for theft, accidental damage and vandalism during the course of a race.

Darrin Mackenney, the owner of MyCycleShop, says “we are always looking for great partners so that we can give our visitors an excellent choice of products and services and the ETA is no exception. I believe that they offer a brilliant bike insurance package that is not only very affordable but also has exceptional coverage. With their ethical and green approach to travel services, the Environmental Transport Association is able to offer the cyclist a fully comprehensive insurance policy”. He goes on to say, “With cycling theft and accidents sadly an everyday occurrence, having a cyce insurance policy is becoming almost essential these days, especially for those who ride in busy towns and cities”.

Interested parties that would like to know more about how the ETA cycle insurance will benefit them are encouraged to visit the MyCycleShop website for full details and to get started.

Contact Info:
Name: Darrin Mackenney
Organization: MyCycleShop
Phone: 01634854495