Brownie’s Wastewater Solutions Launches Orlando Plumber Services Website

Orlando based plumbing contractors Brownie’s Wastewater Management Services have launched their new website to cater to their growingcustomer base in the Central Florida area. The move comes after identifying a need to display all of their services more clearly so customers could quickly find out what specific plumbing services were offered for their homes and businesses.

Operating in Central Florida since 1948, Brownie’s Wastewater Solutions is known for their septic tank & drain field services and now the company wants to expand beyond septic related services to offer a wide range of residential & plumbing services to their customers. With the new website,it is now easier to see what services are available from the company so many inthe Orlando area have come to trust with their septic and plumbing issues.

Brownies Wastewater Solutions also wanted to provide a solution for customers looking for emergency call out services, something which occurs more frequently with water conditions and older home plumbing. The company positioned the emergency contact number at the top right corner of their site, this is the number which customers can use when they get a leak or bursted pipe at any time, as the team is available for call outs 24 hours a day.

Speaking about their updated web presence, company spokes person Marc Barhonovic explained: “We really believe our Orlando area customers will benefit from our new website. Everything is easy to find and all of ourservices are listed together on one page. People can see that we do everything from Leak Detection to Commercial Plumbing and Water System Management.”

In fact Brownie’s recently announced the offering of a very advanced plumbing and septic service, Industrial Vactor Services and line jetting services which enhance their full plumbing and septic services resume.

Mr Barhonovic added: “Our site is just another example of how we want to help our customers further. We understand it can be difficult tofind the right services priced fairly, but we firmly believe that our fair priced plumbing rates and friendly service set us apart. We always treat our customers and their property with respect, and put safety first by working within all state and county regulations.”

The new Brownie’s Plumbing website can now be viewed online at

About the company

Brownie’s Wastewater Solutions has serviced the Central Florida region since 1948. They provide service for all facets of the fresh water and waste water industry, from the tiniest home plumbing leak to a large municipal water main break. Brownie’s Plumber Services are available, seven days a week 24 hours a day and they fully guarantee and stand behind all of their work, and offer courteous, prompt, and affordable service to the Orlando area.

For more information about Brownie’s Plumbing and the services they offer you can call the company phone number at (407) 477-5868 or visit their new website

Rapid Detect Inc. Announces A New Set of Alcohol and Drug Testing Products

Rapid Detect, Inc. is pleased to reveal the release of a new set of products on their website, which makes an array of drug tests and testing supplies available to purchase online. Its products provide quick results, making them invaluable tools in companies’ hiring process, evaluations for promotion, or potentially as a basis for dismissal. Ultimately, having such tools in a company’s wheelhouse can lead to greater productivity and efficiency due to a drug- and alcohol-free work environment.

One of the things that sets Rapid Detect apart from similar companies in the industry is its wide array of tests. Both oral and urine-based tests are available, and these tests can be tailored to its clients’ particular needs. The entire gamut between 1-panel and 14-panel tests are within the website’s stocks, enabling employers, law enforcement, and other parties to check for the presence of a single substance or a wide array of them. 

The company’s website is easy to navigate with clear categories of products on the left-hand side of the home page, so anyone can find precisely the test or testing supplies needed. There is also a helpful Drugs of Abuse chart that identifies the most-commonly used drugs and information on how they are used and can potentially affect a person. This means an employer who suspects someone of being under the influence can narrow down which drugs to test for based on the symptoms the person in question displays.

Rapid Detect customers can feel confident in shopping on the website because it has a secure checkout system in place, keeping credit card or account numbers safe. Clients can also expect the best quality products and knowledgeable customer service based on the company’s long-standing reputation for excellence. With same-day shipping available, any orders placed on the new website will arrive promptly.

For more information about the products Rapid Detect keeps in stock or to place an order, call toll-free at 888-404-0020 or browse the website at

About Rapid Detect, Inc.

Rapid Detect is an A+ rated accredited business with the Better Business Bureau and prides itself on both its service and reputation throughout the past decade of its operation. It strives to provide quality drug and alcohol tests and related supplies at competitive prices. Rapid Detect also offers discounts for qualified multi-item orders and always ships on the same business day. 

Rapid Detect, Inc.

301 Turman St.

Poteau, OK 74953


Fax: 918-649-1005

New Personal and Accident Injury Website Launches to Provide Key Information for Residents of Bolton

The residents of Bolton, particularly those hurt or injured in an accident which wasn’t their fault, will be interested to hear a new website has been launched for Personal Injury and Accident Injury in the Bolton area. Now people will find relevant and useful information on the new recently launched Personal Injury Solicitors Bolton website. This new website launch takes into account several of the most requested features including quick and easy connection to the right Bolton-based solicitor for you, giving you a quick response to see if you qualify for No Win No Fee; providing clear information on what constitutes a claim and what information to provide on initial contact, and a clean, fresh design which is simple to navigate and help you find what you need straight away.

Personal Injury Solicitors Bolton has invested considerable time and effort to ensure an enjoyable user experience while providing timely and relevant information on Personal Injury and Accident claims. Additional updates and new features can be expected in the future. Interested parties can view the website at

Managing Director John Peterham described the new website in this way:

“There has been a lot of positive feedback surrounding and the information that it provides. Personal Injury Solicitors Bolton is committed to making continual improvements and adjustments so that all the residents of Bolton, and anyone hurt in accidents, can have full access to the latest information on finding the right solicitor for their case and claim. It is the goal of Personal Injury Solicitors Bolton to become the leading resource for reliable information on issues impacting people in Bolton, and those hurt, and needing no win no fee solicitors.”

Personal Injury Solicitors Bolton welcomes new and old website visitors alike to take a look at the new design available, and to submit feedback for the next round of updates.

Secure Remote File Access and File Sharing Now Available with Qnext

Toronto, Ontario – October 23, 2014 – For the first time in history, Facebook users, along with iOS and Android users will have secureremote file access and encrypted file sharing at no cost via their computers, smartphonesand tablets. Qnext Corp. a global developer of cross-platform access and filesharing technologies today announced the beta release of its free iOS andAndroid mobile app and Windows, Mac and Linux desktop app – Qnext® SocialEdition™.

Individuals will now beable to access all of their photos, videos or other files, wherever they arestored. Using the app, users can now connect to, access and share files from computers, publiccloud storage (such as Google and Dropbox), FTP, network attached storage (NAS)and smart WiFi routers via one unified dashboard. The app leverages Facebookfor contact management and allows users to share files of any type and sizewith their Facebook friends using bank level security. It is currentlyavailable in beta from Facebook, the iOS App Store, Google Play, Amazon Kindleand dozens of other Android app stores. 

Qnext Social Edition willbe followed in Q1 2015 by a for-purchase personal edition that will leverage Outlookand Gmail for contact management and a business edition that will also includea management console and enterprise level tracking and auditing of appactivity.

“According to a recentstudy commissioned by Facebook, 40% of all online adults start an activity onone device and finish it on another[i]” saidAnthony DeCristofaro, president and CEO of Qnext. “This new social edition ofQnext lets users have continuity with their photos, videos and other files –whether stored on their computers, smartphones, tablets, private or publicclouds – so that they are accessible from any of their devices.”

Access to unlimiteddigital content from multiple devices has obvious benefits; including theflexibility and mobility that today’s users require and are beginning todemand.

Increasingly withmultimedia files such as videos and photos, their need for more data storage increases.  According to Gartner, the average householdwill require 4.4 TB of storage by 2016[ii].  These massive storage requirements arequickly outpacing the traditional cloud storage solution and require many usersto supplement with either expensive additional online storage, or the purchaseof new hardware. Furthermore, when accessing content via mobile device, mobileusers must contend with several issues including keeping track of multipleapps, fragmentation of information, lack of storage space and complex userinterfaces.

Qnext allows its users tocircumvent the aforementioned issues by virtualizing data access, providing onedashboard for all accounts and services and allowing users their own privatecloud storage network. Since all storage is consolidated there are no caps onstorage because users can have as many files and repositories as they like satisfyingeven the most robust demands.

Filesof any size and type, including executable files (.exe, and .dmg) can be shareddirectly from their source location to any authorized Facebook friend using asecure and encrypted connection.  Forincreased security and privacy there are no uploads to servers, and noinformation is uploaded to Facebook.  SSLencryption is utilized to make sure that data in transit is protected. Andfiles are transferred at original quality, which is ideal for high-resolutionmultimedia files.

To view a short (0:14)video go to:

For more information orto download the app go to:


About Qnext

Qnext Corp. a globaldeveloper of cross-platform access and file sharing technologies Thecompany is committed to simplifying and protecting your digital life throughinnovation, imagination and state-of-the-art technologies. With more than 5 years in R&D perfectingits platform anddeveloping a strong patent portfolio, theirproduct is the first to offer virtualized secure file access and sharing frommultiple storage locations, enabling users to securely access, share and managecontent on any mobile, tablet, or desktop device through one digital dashboard.

Media contact:

ThomasWard | VicePresident, Marketing

Qnext Corp. | | (905) 761-5275

[i]    Multi-DeviceUsage Study by GfK Nov-Dec 2013. Study commissioned by Facebook. Survey of2,018 UK online adults and 2,004 US online adults

[ii]   Petty, Christy, and Laurence Goasduff. GartnerSays That Consumers Will Store More Than a Third of Their Digital Content inthe Cloud by 2016. Rep. N.p., n.d. Web. 11 July 2014.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs: A New Look at Diatomaceous Earth Powder

According to this ebook on how to get rid of bed bugs, using old-fashioned Diatomaceous Earth powder is still the safest and cheapest way to kill the insects. 

The author writes that it is necessary to set yourself up as “the bait” in order to get rid of the bed bugs permanently. This can be achieved by creating a toxic barrier – set up in a specific way – in and around the bed.

It is true that many victims who tried expensive methods such as spraying have been disappointed after experiencing the return of the bugs within a few weeks. Frequently the insects return in even greater numbers and more chemical-resistant than before.  

The ebook “How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs For $20.00 Or Less,” claims to solve this problem through the use of the inexpensive and non-toxic powder. 

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs For $20.00 Or Less

Apparently, dumping Diatomaceous Earth for bed bugs all over the room, or the house, is not an effective method. The author claims to have tried this, with no success, after being invaded by the insects for the second time. Getting rid of bed bugs fast is not easy. And looking for the “quick fix” is definitely not realistic.

The theory, outlined in the book in detail, is based on exploiting the fact that bed bugs, in order to keep living, have to seek out their human victims for they have no alternative food supply. Human blood is essential for their survival.

This is quite different than actively going after the bugs with toxic sprays, which is what the eradication companies do.

Seeking the bugs out is an approach that fails frequently as they are very good at hiding having evolved in the beds of humans for thousands of years.

The author’s stresses that the bed bugs need a victim to feed on so it makes sense then to create a toxic barrier for the insects to cross over as they move towards their prey. When the bugs come into contact with the powder, dehydration will occur, skin will start to dry out and death will occur. 

It may sound like a simple solution, but finding out how to set the bed up properly was a trial and error process according to the writer.

However, there is a note of caution in the book: for people who only want to get rid of bed bugs fast, this approach may take several weeks to be completely effective. And having a general understanding of how bed bugs function will help in acquiring the necessary patience for the technique to work.

Chef Gorji, author of Zing! Featured at Travel and Adventure Show Oct. 26

Chef Gorji will be featured on the Taste and Travel Stage followed by a book signing for his debut cookbook Zing! By Gorji—New Mediterranean Cuisine.

Dallas’ Chef Gorji, owner and chef of Canary By Gorji Restaurant, Gorji Gourmet Foods® and author of Zing! By Gorji cookbook will be a featured chef on the Taste of Travel stage at the Travel & Adventure Show Sunday October 26, 2014 at the Dallas Convention Center. He will be preparing his Mediterranean Ragout and Shrimp, two recipes from his debut cookbook Zing! By Gorji—New Mediterranean Cuisine: Bold, Balanced, Simple and Savory. The book signing will follow in the booth of Cuisine Noir Magazine, the exclusive media sponsor of the Taste of Travel Stage.

The 5th Annual Dallas Travel & Adventure Show is where travel lovers can get travel inspiration, expert information and cultural interaction. There are travel experts who know the inside scoop and the best ways to save money on exclusive travel deals. There are exhibits, seminars and culinary demonstrations with unique cultural flavors of local, regional, and worldwide cuisine.

Travel & Adventure Show

Taste of Travel Stage

Dallas Convention Center

650 S Griffin St, Dallas, TX 75202

Sunday October 26, 2014

12:45 pm – 1:30 pm

Cookbook Signing follows in Cuisine Noir Magazine Booth #932 next to the Taste of Travel Stage 

Dallas Travel & Adventure Show partners with the North Texas Food Bank, where they want attendees to Travel Globally & Feed Locally. By entering promotional code FEED at when buying tickets three meals will be provided to NTFB, where $1 equals three meals for the DFW community.                   

Gorji, has been chef-owner of Canary By Gorji, an intimate 10-table restaurant in Dallas, Texas for more than a decade and his debut cookbook, Zing! By Gorji that features his signature “New Mediterranean” cuisine. He launched Gorji Gourmet Foods® in 2006. The product line includes Pomodoro sauce, Puttanesca sauce, Dipping Oil & Marinade and Pomegranate Vinaigrette and was developed to help home cooks easily make gourmet tasting dishes. For more information please visit

WLanParts Announces Ubiquiti Nanobeam Pre-Configured Point To Point Link Drawing

The Ubiquiti Nanobeam has an expected range of up to 15 miles. It can be used in a wide variety of applications. Such as connecting offices in two different buildings, remote surveillance camera installations, for utilities in remote monitoring of systems, in agriculture for linking the network to multiple buildings or simply connecting your home to a garage, out building or guest house. The Nanobeam provides a very flexible platform that can solve many of today’s remote computer network and Internet needs.

Those interested in fixed wireless building to building Networking are invited to enter into the latest contest sponsored by WLanParts. People have an opportunity to win a Pre-configured Ubiquiti Nanobeam Wireless Point To Point Link.  

What do you need to do to become eligible to win in this random drawing? Just enter your email address on this website: For a chance to win this exceptional fixed wireless solution.

When asked about the drawing, Frank Keeney, CEO, had this to say about why people should enter:

“WLanParts is excited to hold this contest as a way to introduce new customers and to reward loyal customers and to the latest in fixed wireless network technology. This is the fourth month they have had a giveaway event, and entrants have a great chance to win.”

Winners will be chosen based on a random drawing and the winner will be announced on November 21st, 2014. Those who are interested can sign up for the contest via the company website. Deadline for entry is November 20th, 2014.

FINAL CHANCE – Amazing Selling Machine course closing today – Learn to sell on Amazon

The Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) created by Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback opened its course to new students for only the fourth time ever on Thursday, October 16th. The previous course launch was the largest in its industry just six months ago. The ASM program, which has mentored thousands of people and is responsible for influencing hundreds of millions in sales on Amazon, will begin this Saturday, October 25th so no one else will be allowed in after tonight. 

Early this month, they released a series of free promotional videos explaining how to build a business selling physical products on The first video, which launched on Monday, October 6th, reveals how to pick a profitable product and why establishing a private label is essential. In the second video, they cover the process of how to find good quality suppliers for a chosen product. The third video demonstrates setting up a product description and the proper approach to marketing a product on the online retailer’s website. The fourth video summarizes the entire process and outlines the ASM course that individuals can join to learn to make money on Amazon. All four videos are still available to view - click this link

Amazing Selling Machine is known for its results. There are other courses available to teach people to sell products online, but none have been able to compete with ASM in the breadth or depth of its success. More people have purchased their course than all others combined, and those that have followed the steps outlined for them enjoy significant sales of their privately labeled products. In fact, Matt and Jason are hosting a Google Hangout this afternoon. It’s at 4:00PM Eastern Time and a few highly successful students will be there to talk about how they built their own company in weeks, left their jobs within months, and are now regularly selling $50-$100K a month in product, after taking this very course!

The course is only available for purchase until Friday, October 24th at 11:59PM Pacific Time.For more information about the company, please visit

Homemade Dog Treats – New Blog Post on Dog Nutrition

Paxton Trading LLC published a new blog post today entitled: “Homemade Dog Treats – Healthy?” This blog post exposes how to make and personalized the reader’s own dog treats by matching it to their own dog’s preferences. This blog also give cautions on what the readers should or should not give their own dogs. This blog can be very helpful especially with owners who have health issues with their pets or their own dogs having allergy concerns. The blog post can be check at…

Paxton Trading LLC was founded in 2010 and serves the Dog Nutrition industry. They are known for providing information about dogs. Paxton Trading LLC is dog enthusiasts and loves to share the beauty of the world of dogs. They provided dog stories, dog news, dog videos and fun. “Many people struggle with great deal of misinformation and real understanding about Dog’s Nutrition. 

The newly posted blog: “Homemade Dog Treats – Healthy?” provides the readers solid information that is not usually shared openly and publicly by The Dog Nutrition Industry.” This statement has been shared by Paxton, owner of Paxton Trading LLC. The blog “Homemade Dog Treats – Healthy?” allows the readers to practice their creativity and awakens their passion in preparing something special such as great treats for their dogs. 

This blog motivates every reader to be extra careful on what to give their pets. This blog also cultivates the relationship of the owner to their dog by expressing their love and care as to what they feed their pets. The blog serves as a reminder that as these dogs give to human all their loyalty, it is just reasonable to provide these beloved pets what they really need. 

Roger Caras once said; “Dogs have given us their absolute all. We are the center of their universe, we are the focus of their love and faith and trust. They serve us in return for scraps. It is without a doubt the best deal man has ever made.” After all, the dog is the only thing on earth that loves his owner more than he loves himself.…

About Paxton Trading LLCPaxton Trading LLC was founded in 2010 and serves the Dog Nutrition industry. It is known for Providing Information about dogs.

Slotland Capping its 16th Birthday Celebrations With the Launch of ‘Gods of Egypt’ Game

October27, 2014, London, UK (Press Release) – Lasting throughout an entire October, 16thbirthday celebrations of Slotland, one ofthe oldest online venues, are slowly coming to its end. As the icing on thebirthday cake, the celebrations culminate this week with the launch of Gods of Egypt, an opulent new,one-of-a-kind real money online game. After a series of birthday casino bonuses given out sofar, the unique online casino is adding up to 45% to all deposits and has alsogiven registered players free chips up to $45.

Gods of Egypt is afive-reel, 31 payline game with a “pick me” bonus game built into it. Playerscan bet as little as $.05 or up to $2 per line. The jackal god of funerals, Anubis, is the Scatter. Three or moreScatters trigger a bonus round with a pick me bonus feature where playersselect objects in the pharoah’s tomb to reveal bonus prizes.

Ra, the first pharaoh and god of the sun, is Slotland’sfirst “sticky” wild. 

“This new sticky wild thing is great!” said one excited player testing the game lastweek.  “It expands to cover the entirereel it appears on and then stays there until you spin a winning combo! Howgreat is that?!”

Gods of Egypt istied to Slotland’s site-wide progressive jackpot which, unlike most otherplaces jackpots which never seem to be won, is hit several times a year,usually for $150,000 or so. Five Bar symbols with a minimum $20 bet wins thejackpot which is currently approaching $200,000. Since that’s more than average,the management won’t be surprised if it’s paying out another big winner before thebirthday celebrations conclude.

“We hadour fingers crossed that this new game would be ready to launch during ourbirthday party so we’re thrilled that it is,” said Slotland’s manager,Michael Hilary. “A big jackpot win would really put the icing on the birthdaycake!”

Slotland creates all of its own games so, like the 33 othergames now available, it will only be found at Like all of Slotland’s game, God of Egypt was created usingtechnology that looks and sounds just as brilliant on most smartphones andtablets as it does on desktop and laptop computers.