Exceptionally Opportunity to Meet Sir Richard Branson and Robert Kiyosaki at the ASM Event!

With the Amazing Selling Machine Builder’s Kit, students get access to the 8-week online web class, exclusive online community, software tool suite, and the private 3-day live workshop event now with Sir Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group, and Robert Kiyosaki, author of ”RichDad, Poor Dad” 

Amazing Selling Machine is the world’s most successful online business education program ever. Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback have opened the doors to a new class, and students can only register for the program until Friday, October 24th at 11:59PM Pacific. The program teaches the students how to build a prosperous business selling physical products on Amazon.com, how to pick the right category and product, how to source the product domestic or overseas, how to launch the product, and how the students through successful marketing will reach fantastic sales results.

Interested parties can view complete course details on the Amazing Selling Machine website.

Join today and meet Sir Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group, and Robert Kiyosaki, author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” at the Amazing Selling Machine live event Las Vegas, Nevada in February 2015.

Here is what the students get: 

Full 8-week online web class and 8 weekly live group coaching calls.This proven web-based course walks the students through building their business step-by-step and can be accessed anytime they want. Each week Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback personally jump on a live group coaching call with their students to answer their questions and provide additional strategies.

Lifetime membership to the private community and the software tool suite.The students get private access to the world’s most elite online community of entrepreneurs building their business. They can access this group for networking, partnerships, sharing, and how to growing their business. Students have access 8 proprietary software tools that cost Amazing Selling Machine $250,000 to build and maintain whack lets the students build and grow their business automatically.

Amazing Selling Machine has been created specifically for everyone who wants to build their own brand and a completely automated business in months.  Check out these case studies:

Matt Clark over at Amazing Academy just released a case study of two “normal” people, Julie and Julian, who dramatically changed the direction of their life in a matter of months – Julie, a business consultant, admits having known so little about Internet marketing that she thought traffic was “something you got stuck in on the way to work.” Julian, a sales and marketing professional, describes his online sales experience by simply saying, “I’d been failing online for 12 years… Doing everything I could think of.” Now, in an incredibly short period of time, Julie and Julian have finally achieved success with their largest month to date bringing in $280k worth of sales.

After earning $742K+ in 15 months ”Now my life is my own.” – Former ASM students all have fascinating stories. Take Maggie Umlauf for example. She was a medic in the Navy having signed up just two months out of high school. She then worked her way through college and later, graduate school where she gained her Masters to become a Physician Assistant. While her career was extremely rewarding, working over 10-hour days was a regular expectation. It seems like Maggie and her husband, Jim, had the perfect life… But they both longed to start a family and knew Maggie’s hectic schedule would be a challenge to say the least. So when Maggie stumbled across Amazing Selling Machine explaining how to build a physical products business, she told Jim she’d like to give it a try and work fewer hours and from home. Her husband’s response was apt: “Everyone wants to figure out how to do that!” As you can see from Maggie’s results just above, she definitely stumbled on to something.

Shawn and Kelly quit their job to travel after earning $50K a month – Amazing Selling Machine has thousands of students who don’t just have a side business… They have a truly sustainable company they’ve built using only the methods taught by Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback. Shawn and Kelly both had a little bit of experience building businesses but couldn’t pass up this program when a colleague told them about it. Now just six months later, they’re earning over $50K a month working just hours a day while traveling. Even people with absolutely zero online sales experience are finding the key to independence with Amazing Selling Machine’s physical products businesses.

Sven Jarncrantz, CEO of Happy Snuggle had this to say about the new launch of the Amazing Selling Machine course: 

We have successfully built our own company Happy Snuggle based on the Amazing Selling Machine program. The step-by-step guide made it very easy to pick the right product to sell on Amazon, how to source our product from a quality manufacturer in China, and how to launch and successfully selling our own product on Amazon. This is really the best course ever.

Those interested in learning more about the Amazing Selling Machine education program can do so here: http://bestapproved.com/AmazingSellingMachine. Those interested in purchasing the Amazing Selling Machine Buiilder’s Kit can do so here: http://bestapproved.com/ASM_Grab_Your_Spot.

World class insulation company officially launches new website for residential, commercial and industrial markets

Home owners, commercial businesses and industrial leaders interested in world class insulation for residential, commercial and industrial markets will find relevant and useful information on the new recently launched Thermacon Insulation website. This new website launch takes into account several most requested features including showcases in-depth product information and education, easily guides the web visitor through the full product range, and provides the web visitor with product downloads such as information brochures and MSDS.

Thermacon Insulation has invested considerable time and effort to ensure an enjoyable user experience while providing timely and relevant information on world class insulation for residential, commercial and industrial markets. Additional updates and new features can be expected in the future. Interested parties can view the website at http://thermacon.com.au/.

Administration Manager Sharon Womersley described the new website in this way:

“There has been a lot of positive feedback surrounding http://thermacon.com.au/ and the information that it provides. Thermacon Insulation is committed to making continual improvements and adjustments so that all home owners, commercial businesses and industrial leaders have access to the latest information on world class insulation for residential, commercial and industrial markets. It is the goal of Thermacon Insulation to become the leading resource for reliable information on issues impacting home owners, commercial businesses and industrial leaders.”

Thermacon took many years of painstaking research to establish a “One stop shop” for all insulation products including thermal products, acoustic and soundproofing products, ceramic and Rockwool products, pipe insulation, steel mesh, foils, tapes, fixing components and adhesives etc. After pain-staking product review the new website offers the finest quality products in the world, all under one roof.

The web visitor will have no problems finding a suitable product regardless if the project is a domestic house, a commercial building such as a shopping centre office or school, or a bigger project in the industrial arena constructing a mine processing plant or refinery.

Thermacon Insulation welcomes new and old website visitors alike to take a look at the new features available, and to submit feedback for the next round of updates.

Commercial Appraiser to Offer Tips on Private & Public Golf Course Appraisals

Los Angeles, CA.- Commercial property appraiser Gary Valentine of Valentine & Associates announced that he will be speaking at the Valencia Industrial Commercial Property Luncheon Meeting on October 25, 2014 to offer tips on how appraisers generally appraise golf courses as well as commercial property throughout California and western states such as Arizona, Texas, Utah and Nevada. The meeting will be held at 1:00 p.m. at the offices of Valentine & Associates which is located at 23942 Lyons Avenue, Newhall, Ca. 01321.

Valentine Appraisal & Associates is expanding its commercial real estate appraisal services to include golf courses and raquet-club centers.  The Valentine Appraisal Company normally specializes in agricultural appraisals, eminent domain appraisals, appraisals for high rise commercial buildings as well as pipeline easement appraisals and aviation or airport appraisals. Valentine & Associates has also served as an expert witness in several commercial real estate transactions and is one of the few appraisal companies that specializes in fiber optic appraisals.

Owner Gary Valentine is a longtime commercial appraiser. Not only is Valentine a certified general appraiser in California,  (AG006526), he is also an MAI designated member of the Appraisal Institute, an accredited senior appraiser, real property/urban, of the American Society of Appraisers, and a senior member of the International Right of Way Association, and a member of the Forensic Expert Witness Association.  Valentine served as Treasurer in 1993, Secretary in 1994, President-Elect in 1995, and President in 1996 of the International Right of Way Association, Chapter 1, Los Angeles.  Valentine is also a licensed real estate broker in California.

Objective of a  Commercial Property Appraisal

The objective of a “golf course appraisal” as well as a commercial property appraisal may be for the following valuation purposes:

 – Sale Transaction – Merger Or Stock Transaction – Lease Arrangement – Feasibility – Financing  – Insurance – Ad Valorem Taxation- Or Condemnation

After determining the highest and best use of the commercial property, then the three traditional approaches (Sales Comparison, Income, and Cost Approach) are applied. Finally, a reconciliation of value is applied to arrive at the market value of the commercial property.

Why Appraise a Golf Course?

Nowadays, due mostly to economic reasons, many private and public golf courses are being shut down. And the possibility to redevelop or re-purpose a troubled golf course property as a commercial property is in part determined by zoning and restricted covenants contained in community contracts that limit property uses. Golf courses are usually zoned for “open space” which limits their “non-golf course use” to parks and/or other greenbelt purposes.

Also, homeowner opposition to changing a golf course to a business use is often usually quite strong. Owners of homes located adjacent to golf courses often had to pay a hefty premium for views of lush fairways and water features, not views of commercial buildings and bright lights.

Therefore, the most likely redevelopment to a golf course involves a shift in business approach, which means keeping the golf course open but reducing its size and/or increasing the membership fees.

Commercial Real Estate Appraisal Conclusion

Because homes with a view of a lush, green golf course are often valued higher than properties without a view, a golf course owner may discover that modernizing and upgrading the existing golf course facility might be the best option. To discover the highest and best use of your commercial real estate, however, start with a professional commercial real estate appraisal such as one provided by Valentine Appraisal & Associates. To find out, please visit the proposal page at their website: http:www.valentineappraisal.com/new/

Learn How-To Cover and Conceal your Skin Imperfections like the Professionals!


“GOTCHA COVERED – The Compact Guide to Camouflage Makeup”(eBook)

Do you ever wonder how professional makeup artists achieve the same perfect results every time? Judith August has written a book called “Gotcha Covered – The Compact Guide to Camouflage Makeup”, that uncovers beauty secrets created and used by Professionals! Covering and Concealing is easy once you read Gotcha Covered. Now, this hard back book is available on Kindle(eBooks), so you can enjoy it anywhere you go!

You’ll discover how your favorite Movie Stars and Celebrities always look fantastic, all the time. The Compact Guide to Camouflage Makeup will walk you through some simple steps that anyone can apply to achieve flawless results. It doesn’t matter what you’re trying cover or conceal, Gotcha Covered will show you what you need, and how.

If you have Tattoos, Rosacea, Vitiligo, Acne, Post-Op Bruising, Freckles, or any other skin discoloration or scarring issues, you’ll be happy to know this is perfect for you, whether you’re a male or female.

At an early age Judith was forced to find ways of covering her own skin imperfections as well as bags under her eyes, while trying to pursue a modeling career in New York. Cosmetic Surgeons told her she was too young for surgery then, so not being one to quit and give up, she took this as a challenge and created what she calls the “Distraction Action!” She cleverly used it to fool the Modeling Agencies, and the Cameras! Judith successfully and rapidly advanced from one career to the next, until she finally created Judith August Cosmetics in 1989!

In 1989, “The Everything Pencil” was born, and is now her signature product. Many celebrities like Christie Brinkley named it as one of their favorites! The Everything Pencil is just one of a family of concealers she offers. Others include Killer Cover,Orange Masking Crème, Dark Circle Neutralizer, Sensitive Skin Concealer, and Special Care Cover.

Got something to Hide?

The “Gotcha Covered” eBook shows you quick and easy steps when applying concealer or cover-up makeup, the correct way! Judith covers all types of skin concerns from simple annoying flaws to serious coverage! You will see before and after images, and realize how easy it is to apply. Each of her products are designed to minimize the amount of time and effort it takes to achieve perfection.

Gotcha Covered is an inspiring story about Judith August, and the challenges she faced as a new aspiring print model more than 30 years ago. Her eBook has 111 richly packed pages with color illustrations, step by step how to’s, before and after photos, case studies, advice, and professional testimonials. Once you read the first page,you won’t be able stop reading! Judith also provides you with free video demonstrations on her website, so you can see how it’s done.

Judith has helped thousands of men and women shine prior to her book, but now she can help thousands more…as she always says,”Everybody’s got something to Hide!” Enjoy Life, Look Amazing, and Feel Great! Beauty trends come and go, but beauty challenges last a lifetime. -Judith August

Gotcha Covered eBook Download link: http://tinyurl.com/lw255vq

Foundations and Concealers here: http://judithaugustcosmetics.com, or call (800)528-4878.

YOBSN Releases New Mobile Games And Business Opportunity

Smart Media Development creators of the YOBSN social network and mobile games have announced that 2 new games have been approved in iTunes and Google Play with 5 more in the approval process.

The detailed product listing can be found here: http://yobsnmoney.com

YOBSN is designed to appeal specifically to android and iPhone users  even entrepreneurs and includes:

Game Prizes – Players can win prizes simply playing the games and achieving higher levels.

Business Opportunity  – Business position can be purchased to share in the revenue of mobile games and other products.

–David Martin, Owner/CEO of Smart Media Development, when asked about YOBSN said:

“We are the first revenue sharing company in history to have a gaming app in iTunes and Google Play.”

The mobile games currently available to the public are Bubble Champion and Rescue Rabbit Run. These games can be found in both iTunes and Google Play. 

Mobile games have seen a huge increase in revenue and diverse demographics with more and more women taking an interest in gaming apps even seniors are becoming more interested in mobile games as a way to pass idle time. (Source: bigfishgames.com)

Smart Media Development has also released plans for a main mobile app connected to the YOBSN social network itself.

This app is currently in the approval process for iTunes and once approved will be submitted to Google Play.

The app will include of course the social network and any games that are currently available for more convenience.

With the huge success of Facebook and their mobile app Smart Media Development plans to increase revenue and members with the app and the features like speech to text, educational videos and of course the mobile games. 

Those interested in learning more about the company can do so on the company website at http://topearner.goyobsn.com. Those interested in purchasing can go directly to the product listing, here: http://yobsnmoney.com.

Syosset Kickboxing Class Transformed Mom’s Body in 6 Weeks.

Masters Martial Arts Studio located in Syosset Long Island is building stronger moms one mom at a time.  Students of all ages from three to sixty three train every day to build muscle, confidence and a sense of community.  The Kickboxing Moms class has stayed strong throughout the years because of the family like atmosphere created by Master Mike Lee and fellow members.  Moms join the studio due to it’s friendly, clean and fun workouts.  They stay because they get the results they want.  Toner and tighter bodies with more stamina to keep the busy mom healthy.

The classes Master Mike teaches are based on actual martial arts and kickboxing movements that strengthen the core muscles and increase flexibility.  Classes are fun and safe as pounding is on pads and not on people.  The punching bag classes are especially fun for students as they release inner tensions and feel empowered with every technique and movement.  Paddle and focus mitt drills are also implemented with group class as partners team up to work on coordination and speed drills.  On alternating days women change up high intensity intervals with resistance training to get muscles to burn fat.  Kettlebells and resistance bands are an essential part of class to really build muscle.

Master Mike Lee is a Master Instructor in the martial arts with nearly forty years of experience and is also a certified fitness professional that incorporates body weight resistance exercises to compliment the martial arts training.  Classes are very different from the gym style cardio kickboxing.  According to his Master Lee: “We do not teach Cardio Kickboxing but more of a realistic self defense workout.  Classes incorporate all boxing movements with the knees and elbows that muay thai kickboxers use.  Students see the difference in their appearance but also on their positive outlook and energy that they convey.  For more information visit http://Mastersma.com

Syosset Martial Arts Studio Keeps Kids Confident.

Masters Martial Arts of Syosset, NY specializes in teaching classes for kid’s confidence and self defense.  Master Mike Lee and staff members make sure that every child leaves better than when they walked in.  Many students that began as shy and unfocused kids progress toward their Black Belt with power, enthusiasm and respect.  All students develop their mind and body into self disciplined and self confident warriors.  Parents who watch their children’s classes are always amazed how their child is engaged and how they develop their coordination, and become more outgoing with each class.

Kids classes are going strong as each member of the dojang are engaged and focused on how to kick, punch and block.  Students of all levels learn that through martial arts training they can achieve true power and athletic skill 

Click here to see students in action.

Martial arts classes are structured so that each student has the ability to train with peers and also watch senior students perform advanced movements.  By allowing students of all levels to train together, students have hope in knowing that with hard work anyone can achieve higher goals.  Sparring classes at Masters are the only classes that only advanced students can attend.  Beginner students have fun training with intermediate and advanced students as they are motivated and nurtured by caring classmates.  

The parents at Masters Martial Arts feel that they are part of a community as all the children get along and work together as one team.  No student is left out or feels alone in class.  Shy students who once lacked confidence are immediately transformed into a confident child when instructors pair them with students that can guide them.  At the end of every class students are challenged to either perform situps, or pushups and count them to see if their count has improved.

For more information in building confident kids visit Masters Martial Arts in Syosset.

Natural Face & Body Lotion For Eczema And Sensitive Skin: 10% Discount + Free Shipping

Men and women who suffer from sensitive, easily irritative and eczema-prone skin will find a 10% discount and free shipping for this natural face and body lotion as a real treat.  This new product was designed based on most requested features like natural high quality ingredients that reduce inflammation, provide deep hydration, while calming and soothe the skin.

See the video:


Natural Vibrancy has invested considerable time and effort to design this skincare product and to ensure enjoyable user experience. In fact, it’s their first product. The 10% discount and free standard shipping is available to everyone who makes a purchase through their online store. There is no coupon needed. All of the discounts are automatically applied and calculated as one goes through a checkout process. Interested parties can view the website or visit the product page directly.

Click here to visit the product page http://store.naturalvibrancy.com/products/pure-body-lotion

Founder, Audrone Wippich, described the natural skin care product in this way, “The Pure Body Lotion is one of our first exceptional skin care products that we are going to release.  This lotion is better in quality than most face-creams on the market today. It feeds the skin all the necessary vitamins and minerals, as well as boosts cell metabolism. Moving forward, our goal is to transform the entire natural skin care industry by setting an example. We do not substitute superior quality ingredients with suboptimal inexpensive ones that are not effective or beneficial to the skin, which seems to be an ongoing trend with many top selling brands out there.”

Also, the company is dedicated in educating consumers of the importance of using naturally derived products versus products that contain a number of potentially harmful synthetic chemicals that cause various side effects. Their blog library is consistently expanding and so is their customer base. More people are becoming conscious of natural skin care and it’s benefits.

Changes to Solar Taxes Now Affecting Arizona Homeowners

Arizona residents, business owners, and churches, and any other property owner using leased solar equipment may soon be hit with new tax implications. This comes after the Department of Revenue’s new interpretation of existing tax laws and how it is to be interpreted to leased solar equipment.

Currently, owners of solar panels don’t pay property taxes due in part to a State exemption. That decision has since changed and no longer applies to leased solar panel equipment.

What does this mean for homeowners that have this equipment installed on their home or place of business? Well, at this point it’s unclear. Existing solar companies in the Phoenix, Arizona area claim that the expenses will sit with them as the owner of the equipment, and it will not be passed onto their clients at this point.

These companies that sell and provide this equipment are able to charge these taxes and pass along the cost to their customers, and it is a risk that clients take in using leased equipment. G&S Electric, Inc. still very much supports the use of solar, and the purchase decision behind owning it outright versus leasing has always been one that they have tried to educate the benefits of ownership options.

G&S Electric, Inc. continues to sell solar products that they are proud to stand behind, products that carry with them reliability, permanence, and warranties that are offered on the products rather than on the company that provides the leasing service.

Ownership of these units continue to make sense for homeowners as not only an investment into their electricity bills, but also their property values. The ownership of these systems is in fact an investment which value can be passed along in the sale of their property. Much like the leasing of vehicles, there are inherit benefits behind ownership of the products versus the leasing of the equipment.

For those who feel that leasing is a good option for them, G&S Electric, Inc. stands side by side in believing this new tax legislation is harmful to all Arizona residents.

For more information or help on gettingSolar products or services, G&S Electric are electricians in Phoenix, AZ that offer a range of products and services that can assist. Be sure to contact their office to see how they can help.

Join The New Platinum Membership Club For Free – Limited Time Offer


Website: https://rm124.isrefer.com/go/plat/flalond/

 Platinum Membership Club, New York, New York

Here is a limited time offer to get free access to the Platinum Membership Club. There are a lot of strategies  out there where anyone can earn a lot of money without exerting  too much effort and one of the proven ways to do this is through online marketing. However not all individuals know how to earn money and make it to the top by using the web. The Platinum Membership Club was created with this in mind. This new club was created by Chad E. Nicely who is a master in the world of Internet Marketing. It provides members  with the tips, strategies, training and resources that will help them make a difference and succeed online.  A lot more than limited knowledge of the web  is required to be successful online. This club equips it’s members  with the knowledge, information, techniques and skills that are vital in the online world and in life as a whole.

 Once a new member signs up at the Platinum Membership Club , they receive access to these six (6) free benefits: 

1. Facebook Advertising training.

2. Six high converting Facebook advertising Templates.

3.  A ten thousand dollar ($10,000) Lead Capture Page.

4.  The Sales Funnel Blueprint, which shows how to map out and sequence your sales.

5. A  short book, Reflections – 12 Years Of Trials And Tribulations. 

6. Making a Sales Funnel.

Platinum Membership also allows its members to be the first ones to try and test the new products and techniques that Chad offers. New Platinum Members are given the chance to avail themselves of the extended discounts that Chad provides. Apart from this, there  is a lot more that the site has to offer. One benefit is that new members are provided with updates on the new strategies that are proven to work in the complicated world of online marketing. Online marketing may seem really complicated, but this site will break it down into simple steps. This will allow  anyone to be successful in online marketing. In fact, many people who have been under Chad’s training have really loved what they have experienced.

 More information about  the free membership site can be found by visiting https://rm124.isrefer.com/go/plat/flalond/ .