Reveals New Case Study On How To Get Rid Of Acne Scars revealed their new case study today on how to get rid of acne scars. This case study demonstrates that even after nearly a year of doing thorough research and speaking to other people about their own skincare habits, a young man named Fahylando learned of two products that were yielding real results in their ability to get rid of acne scars and hyperpigmentation. The products are helping many people take years off their skin and bring back their youthful appearance: the two products being Meladerm and AHA Exfoliating Serum.

The case study also made it obvious that while each of these products are proven to be effective individually, one night, Fahylando made an accidental discovery that would fast track his results: he combined them. Then after only a few days of using both products together in his daily skin routine, he saw noticeable results in his home mirror. Later, after just fifty three (53) days of using Meladerm and AHA Exfoliating Serum combined, the proof was staring him right in the face: they were getting rid of his acne scars and giving him real lasting results. owner Stacey Elma says there are many people suffering with hyperpigmentation and acne scars that are looking for insights and answers about how to get rid of acne scars. This case study reveals in a practical way what’s possible with the right information and guidance.

The case study is available at…

About was founded in 2013 and serves the Health & Beauty industry. It is known for Helping People Get Healthy & Clear Skin using products that include only natural, plant-based ingredients that have all been proven to be safe and effective at working at the cellular level below the surface of the skin and are backed by top quality customer service, research and a money back satisfaction guarantee.

Contact Info:
Name: Stacey Elma

New Blog Post Released on Choosing A Home Based Business In Today’s Economy, an Independent Representative of My Fun Life, published their new blog post today: “Is A Home Based Business Best?” This blog post reveals  many of the benefits that a home based business provides, and also some of the doubts people have concerning this type of endeavor.

Additionally, it covers what makes a company a legitimate home based business opportunity, and why My Fun Life delivers on these points

Independent Representative of My Fun Life owner Mark Dunsavage says many people struggle with really understanding and choosing A Home Based Business In Today’s Economy. This blog post gives solid information that’s not usually shared openly in the  industry.

The blog post is at…

About Independent Representative of My Fun Life

My Fun Life was founded in 2013 and serves the Cheap Travel and Mobile App Industry through  Independent Representatives around the world. It is known for providing the opportunity for anyone to start their own home based business. Independent representatives have access to tools, training, and many marketing resources to help them build their business. My Fun Life is constantly striving to improve and expand upon their products.

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Name: Mark Dunsavage
Organization: Independent Representative of My Fun Life
Phone: 570-706-6332

PGA Mater Professional John Dunigan Adds The New UnEven Lie™ Practice Station

J.R. Mats Inc. introduced their new golf training aid – the  UnEven Lie™ Golf Mats ™ at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando FL. The product was developed with the help of    Top Golf Instructor Mike Bender for his academy in Lake Mary, FL and has since been gaining a lot of traction in the industry.  

UnEven Lie Golf Mats™ where developed by J.R. Mats Inc. president Jay McGrath to help Bender create the UnEven Lie Station at his new state of the art golf academy.  

UnEven Lie™ Mats allow a golfer to practice the various uneven lies that they may encounter on the golf course. J.R. Mats Inc.  President Jay R. McGrath says,  there are many teaching professional adding UnEven Lie Golf Mats™  to their golf practice space and a lot of buzz around its benefits as a golf training aid. 

John Dunigan uses his UnEven Lie® Mat in his practice area at White Manor to allow students to practice up-hill, down-hill, and side-hill lies. John says, There are 3 things you have to do to become a skilled golfer: Learn, Practice, and Perform. The UnEven Lie™ Mat allows his students to practice the same type of shots that they will undoubtedly encounter on the golf course.  

About John Dunigan: John Dunigan is a PGA Master Teaching Professional, 2012 PGA Philadelphia Section Junior Golf Leader, 2008 PGA Philadelphia Section Teacher of the Year, Golf Digest Top Teachers in PA Since 2005, US Kids Top 50 Kids Teachers in America 2013. Director of Coaching at White Manor Country Club located in Malvern, Pennsylvania.

About J.R. Mats, Inc.:  J.R. Mats, Inc. is the inventor and manufacturer of the Country Club Elite® “Real Feel” Golf Mats. The first golf mat to let you swing down and through with true divot action and it even takes a real tee.

Contact Info:
Name: Jay R. McGrath
Organization: J.R. Mats Inc.
Phone: 800-344-2115
Address: 1519 McDaniel Drive, West Chester, PA 19380

MarketingHotelsandTourism’s Blog Warns How the Future of Tourism may be Dominated by GoogleTravel (MHAT)  blog on how Google has moved into Travel warns how hotel & tourism marketing as we know it, may soon be a thing of the past. The blog post reveals how Googles’ Travel and tourism offensive is shaking the hotel marketing landscape. Local hotel owners, tourism operators and even destination authorities are seeing declining business from search engines and many have fallen off of Google search results, or are so low down that they can’t be found.

The problem is that Google has changed its strategy and is favoring its’ own products and advertising partners, leaving very little space for organic results.  The company has an aggressive vision of its role in travel in the future. It sees a future where travel is greatly augmented by technology, starting with sunrise and following all events of the day and night.  It is at work 24hours a day automatically monitoring personal travel itinerary, analyzing the flow of personalized information to every connected traveller.

David Pavelko, Google’s chief of travel, recently described a futuristic world, just around the corner, where “travelers will have their own personal “IPITAs” (Integrated Proactive Intermodal Travel Assistant) that mechanically manage the details of travel while the traveler sleeps”.

Tourism is already drastically changing. MarketingHotelsandTourism (MHAT) follows these trends and identified with frustrated hotel professionals who see their listing falling on search results and still struggle to understand how Hotel Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Optimization (SEO) has been undermined by GoogleTravel and it new interest in tourism marketing.”  

The post gives solid information that’s not usually shared openly in the tourism industry. As Author Ian R Clayton puts it, “We want to help tourism professionals see how this Silicon Valley Search Company and its Travel initiative has in fact become a hotel marketer in direct competition with hoteliers’ own interest.  Our aim is to help them take necessary measures to increase their authority and win back travelers”.

See the original Press Release and more on Ian R Clayton at

View the blog and videos on MHAT


 MarketingHotelsandTourism was founded in 2010 and serves the tsourism industry. It  offers research and insights into tourism trends and news. The site includes case studies and tutorial for travel professionals from hoteliers to destination associations and authorities. 

Ian R Clayton, CEO of AXSES, owner of, is an International Authority on Tourism, an author and publisher of TravelersInsights mingagazine.  Clayton and the team at AXSES SCI, the tourism development arm of AXSES, also provide free tourism resources offering tips and strategies to succeed in the increasingly competitive mobile world of digital marketing and communications.

Contact Info:
Name: Ian R Clayton
Organization: AXSES INC
Phone: 9028262440
Address: 211 Kennedy Rd, Boutiliers Pt. NS, Canada B3z 1v5

R3 Sets the Pace on London’s Data Recovery Market

With new technologies constantly underway to improve data storage for both smaller IT users and large companies, London’s lagging data recovery market has become a grave issue that R3 sets out to solve through their newly launched emergency recovery service in the area.

Although many people still use regular IDE and SATA devices for storing their files, information and sensitive data, such as client databases or financial information, the recent surge in the number of IT devices with new types of storage – including RAID, SSD and flash memory – has left numerous data recovery companies in the dust.

Andy Butler, spokesperson for R3 Data Recovery has recently said: “We have received countless positive testimonials from people who had already visited two or three other IT service companies in the past. In many cases, the story was the same – the company was unable to suitably recover lost information from newer devices that behave and operate differently compared to older storage devices.”

In numerous cases, it seems that this problem has gone from bad to worse, and when it comes to data recovery, London, where a few days of delay in recovering vital information can lead to thousands or even millions of pounds lost by large corporations and small businesses alike, requires recovery companies to be even more proficient than anywhere else.

R3 Data Recovery has surprised most competitors and industry leaders by recently employing an emergency recovery service based on the use of a highly organized system and some of the best technological advancements in the industry. The company has already had numerous successes with regular internal and external hard drives – still the most popular storage devices available – but also with less commonly used servers and server arrays, as well as newer memory cards, SAN and NAS drives, and MAC storage.

Commenting on the somewhat surprising success that the company has achieved in these areas, Mr. Butler said: “The basic principles behind the data recovery process required for each type of device is very similar. A company that has good technology and expert workers will almost always achieve near 100% success in some of the most difficult projects.”

For most people requiring data recovery, London can be quite difficult to cope with, mainly due to the unreliable emergency services available. R3 Data Recovery aims to solve this problem as well, with their new emergency service which cuts turnaround times down to anything between 24 and 48 hours.   Due to the efficiency of the company’s technicians, as well as a streamlined system that allows for fast and easy communication between company representatives and customers, these target times are met quite faithfully in most cases. Testimonials from most R3 Data Recovery clients seem to reflect this fact, while also pointing out the efficient way in which the service can handle unforeseen challenges.

The future of London’s data recovery industry seems to be in safe hands, R3 Data Recovery’s background and past experience showing the company’s ability in meeting even the most difficult deadlines.

About R3 Data Recovery

R3 Data Recovery is one of the UK’s leading data recovery companies. Their services include state-of-the-art technology, as well as fast and well-organized methods designed to recover a higher percentage of lost data from damaged hard drives, flash media and tape devices. For more information on R3 Data Recovery’s efforts in improving the London data retrieval industry, can visit

Contact Info:
Name: R3 Data Recovery
Organization: R3 Data Recovery
Phone: 0207 118 6880
Address: 204b Royds Mill, Windsor Street, Sheffield S4 7WB, UK

Austin Catering Services Offered by Fore Restaurant in Lakeway

Austin catering packages are now available to private party and corporate event planners looking for places to host an event, or needing to plan or provide any level of event food services. Fore restaurant in Lakeway TX, has an extensive menu and a variety of planning options to fill catering and food service needs from small private gatherings to large local events. Fore recently provided catering services for private, gaming and tech product launches, and sponsored parties, during the popular South by Southwest related events held annually in Austin TX.

Faith Cichon, Special Events and Catering Coordinator, recently described the new Fore catering packages this way:

“Fore can not only host a business or family event in one of three unique dining rooms at the restaurant, but can also provide broad and varied menu choices for in-home catering,  public and private parties, and community, corporate, or sponsored events in the Greater Austin area. Fore provides full catering services from basic coffee or breakfast service, lunch, dinner and full banquet food services, to complete planning and food services coordination.”

The catering services available from Fore include a wide variety of appetizers, salads, entrees’, steaks, chops, seafood, pasta, and desserts. Selections from an extensive wine list and full bartender services can also be provided for a event. Any event, large or small, takes careful planning and coordination of all the food service details needed, to be entertaining and successful. Fore has demonstrated the expertise, and the savory cuisine, to insure an event to remember.

Seasonal weather brings increased opportunities to plan private or special occasion parties, as well as business and corporate events. Select seasonal dates may book well in advance, so it is recommended to inquire well before a scheduled occasion.

To experience the delicious American style cuisine of Fore, either hosted at the Lakeway restaurant, or anywhere in the Austin area, visit the website at for more information.

Contact Info:
Name: Faith Cichon
Organization: Fore
Phone: (512) 263-3673
Address: 900 RR. 620 S. Suite B108 Lakeway, TX 78734

J.R. Mats Inc. Releases New Product – UnEven Lie™ Golf Mats

J.R. Mats Inc. released their new  UnEven Lie Golf Mats. UnEven Lie Golf Mats were developed with the help of Top Teaching Professional Mike Bender for his new academy in Lake Mary, FL.  UnEven Lie™ Mats allow golfers to practice up-hill, down-hill, side-hill, and hanging lies. 

UnEven Lie™ Golf Mats can help Teachers work with students so that they know what to do when they run into these more difficult lies that otherwise may result in a “blow-up hole”.  

J.R. Mats Inc. owner says there are many teaching professionals considering adding UnEven Lie™ Golf Mats or full stations to their practice facilities and a lot of buzz around its potential training aid benefits by providing a realistic practice area for various lies. 

Jane Frost Golf Performance Center located at Sandwich Hollows Golf Club in East Sandwich, MA recently installed a complete UnEven Lie™  Station comprised of 4 UnEven Lie Mats and a Top Mat.  The full station allows a golfer to practice all lies in one area.  The Top Mat also allows golfers to work on “hanging lies” on of the more difficult shots in golf.

About Jane Frost: Jane brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to the lesson tee along with some very prestigious awards and golf industry recognition. She is well known in New England as an outstanding coach and mentor. Her dedication to coaching has spanned over 30 years and in 2011 she joined an elite group, The Quarter Century Club of the PGA of America.

Accolades:  1994 LPGA Teacher of the Year  1996 New England PGA Teacher of the Year  1996 – 2010 Member of Golf Magazine’s Top 100 Instructors  1997 LPGA Budget Service Award for Dedication to Junior Golf  1997 LPGA Northeast Section Professional of the Year  1998 Cape Cod Chapter of the PGA Teacher of the Year  2000 LPGA Northeast Section Teacher of the Year  2000 – 2002 Member of Golf Digest’s Top 50 Teachers  2000 – 2008 Member of Golf for Women’s Top 50 Teachers  2010 -2012 Member of Golf Digest’s Top 50 Women Teachers  2010 -2012 LPGA’s Top 50 Teachers

Contact Info:
Name: Jay R. McGrath
Organization: J.R. Mats Inc.
Phone: 800-344-2115
Address: 1519 McDaniel Drive, West Chester, PA 19380

Success Affiliate Network Bonus New Website Launches with Vital Free Training for Online Business owners

Online Business owners interested in a Success Affiliate Network Bonus will find relevant and useful information on the new recently launched Success Affiliate Network Bonus website. This new website launch takes into account several most requested features including free training in over a dozen hot topics needed by online marketers, forums for members to discuss course content, and a secure place for members to meet each other and discuss recruiting and other business issues.

The site includes free training in- Local Marketing- Video Marketing – Facebook Ads – Affiliate Marketing – PLR Money – Mobile Apps – Going Mobile – Tumblr – Twitter – LinkedIn – Google+ – SEO – YouTube – Pinterest – Facebook

An excellent playlist of videos explaining the new site is available at

The free training on the site is available as a bonus to those who buy membership of the newly-launched Success Affiliate Network.  The bonus material is provided by Christine F. Abela from Gecko Gully.  Abela has over 30 years’ computing and marketing experience, hundreds of clients, and has been involved in online business since the early 1990s.  

Success Affiliate Network Bonus has invested considerable time and effort to ensure an enjoyable user experience while providing timely and relevant information on Success Affiliate Network Bonus. Additional updates and new features can be expected in the future. Interested parties can view the website at

Manager Christine F. Abela described the new website in this way:

“There has been a lot of positive feedback surrounding and the information that it provides. Success Affiliate Network Bonus is committed to making continual improvements and adjustments so that all Online Business owners have access to the latest information on Success Affiliate Network Bonus. It is the goal of Success Affiliate Network Bonus to become the leading resource for reliable information on issues impacting Online Business owners.”

Success Affiliate Network Bonus welcomes new and old website visitors alike to take a look at the new features available, and to submit feedback for the next round of updates.

Contact Info:
Name: Christine F. Abela
Organization: Success Affiliate Network Bonus
Phone: +61 3 9018 5069
Address: PO Box 8030, Tarneit, Vic 3029, Australia

Dion Borg plans to Launch Crowdfunding Project Hypno Makeover TV Show on Pozible

Hypnotist attempts to change the lives of ordinary people through the power of hypnotherapy in reality show.

TUESDAY, SEP 02, 2014, Brisbane – Local hypnotist, Dion Borg, plans to launch the Hypno Makeover TV Show.  Also known as Dizzy, the show will feature Dion Borg as he interacts with participants and “transform” their lives by applying hypnotic techniques on them. All advertising slots on the show are expected to donate to charity.

The reality TV show will document the success of three to six “regular people” after they undergo hypnotherapy and are divided into six episodes. It will be aired on Digital31. Borg explains the motivation behind his project on his crowdfunding page on Pozible, “I see truly talented wonderful people on the treadmill of life…Tortured by their beliefs, most of which they did not choose themselves. It’s not their fault. So with the time I have left, I want to help as many people as possible. I want to demonstrate how powerful it is to release someone from the subconscious chains that holds them down, that holds them back and keeps them making the same poor life choices over and over again.”

Borg further states that everything that he does on the show will be documented. People who donate money towards the project will be offered unique rewards such as a Maltese dinner cooked by Dion Borg’s mother herself, a chance to participate on the show and hire “Dizzy” as their personal “Evil Hypnotist” for the day.

Dion Borg has been performing comedy hypnosis shows all over Australia for the past five years. The hypnotist claims that his passion is driven by a troubled past which he also conquered through many years of martial arts training. The show is expected to be aired at the end of 2015.

About Dion Borg

Dion Borg, also known as Dizzy is a professional stage hypnotist based in Brisbane. As a certified Hypnotherapist his expertise lies in adding an interesting twist to traditional hypnotic techniques and adding a comical touch to them in the process. Borg loves entertaining crowds and mesmerizing them.  The hypnotist has used the power of hypnosis to help a number of people overcome issues such as substance abuse, smoking, depression, anxiety, rocky relationships, phobias, career struggles, insecurities and even chronic pain. For more information on the project or to book an interview, please refer to the following details

Contact Info:
Name: Dion Borg
Organization: Dizzy Magic
Phone: +61408716568

Marketing Service Provider Launches New Website, Seeks Dental Office for Partnership

London, England—A new website, designed specifically for a dental clinic or dentist’s office in or near the city of Oslo Norway, looking to expand or build an online presence, has been recently launched by marketing service provider High Impact Marketing.

This new website will provide an online home for a dentist’s office looking to build or reinvent their online presence.

In partnership with High Impact Marketing, the dental office provides the information necessary for the website to be a resource for patients and prospective patients. 

All hosting and marketing will be managed by High Impact Marketing. The website available online at, is an excellent opportunity for a new or established local clinic to build an online presence. 

At the present, the website has a number of articles that are pertinent for all dental patients. These articles relate to the current medical and dental climate in Norway, and provide information not found on other dental office websites. 

Included in these articles is a piece about the rising cost of dental work in Norway, and the concurrent rise of dental tourism for Norwegians. 

This particular article discusses the pros and cons of dental tourism, and provides many helpful tips for those considering a dental procedure overseas. The article is available online at…

Another article found on the website is especially beneficial to Oslo residents in need of emergency dental care. Found online at, the article emphasizes the importance of seeking immediate care for dental emergencies. 

It provides resources and tips for those who find themselves in this situation, and encourages all emergency dental patients to seek treatment immediately. In this partnership, all patient and office information is provided by the office. 

The website maintenance, hosting, and marketing will be handled exclusively by the team at High Impact Marketing. 

For this partnership, High Impact Marketing is seeking an office that is looking to grow its online presence and is willing and excited to combine efforts with an established marketing organization. 

As an added incentive, the new website is also optimized for mobile. Smart phone and tablet users can find the website online via their devices at

Using a combination of proven strategies, High Impact Marketing promises optimal web exposure for their dental clinic partner in this new web venture. Combining the use of strategically chosen keywords, information architecture, and content marketing, 

High Impact Marketing will provide the online exposure necessary for this website to be profitable for their partner and engaging and useful for their partner’s clients. 

High Impact Marketing provides services for companies that are missing the necessary staff, skills, and resources necessary to effectively build and market their own websites. 

The team at High Impact Marketing is highly skilled in web design, internet and content marketing, and can edit and adapt messages for any audience. 

They continually adapt strategies and methods to meet the unique needs of every business.

Contact Info:
Name: Petter Hansen
Phone: 020 7097 8698
Address: 145-157 St John Street London EC1V 4PW England