Matthew Hesser, Marketing Guru to Renowned Photographer of Central Coast of California at

ARROYO GRANDE, CA November 23, 2014:  A new website,, captures the eyes and hearts of people everywhere that love high color stunning visual photography. 

Photographer Matthew Hesser, is a long-time experienced online internet marketer who in recent years has turned his passion toward photography. Over the years, his keen eye and experienced skills for high dynamic range photography has earned him credibility and accolades. Now, a renowned photographer of the Central Coast of California, Hesser brings his stunning photos to life for the general public by highlighting colors and lighting patterns of distinct scenes that often go unnoticed. His realism art photography pieces live somewhere between paintings and photographs, they capture a truly artistic view of places, scenes and objects like never before.

“I love colors and what photo realism can present to a viewer. It’s like finding a brand new way of seeing something that was always there, but never quite seen before. Bringing a more colorful, more vibrant dimension into this time and era is a very effective use of art,” states Hesser.

Hesser offers his fine art realism photos to the public in a variety of print options. There are also a variety of photo images available to view in multiple categories for photo realism art enthusiasts – there are classic automobiles, stunning sunsets and landscapes, special themes and scenes, interior design, architectural structures and more, are all brought to life with Hesser’s adept photography skills and techniques.

The website has given Hesser an outlet to reach art lovers everywhere with his works via a variety of online purchasing options.  Patrons can customize their photo selections by size, frame, matting, paper type and/or finish. Additional photo print customization choices that are available include prints on iPhone cases, canvas, acrylic, high polished aluminum and even customized greeting cards. Mr. Hesser’s favorite print medium of choice is the stunning high polished aluminum prints. “They really show off the color and details like no other medium can do. I think high polished aluminum is the trend of the art world going forward.” says Hesser.

Hesser plans to upload many additional photos in upcoming days, just in time for the holiday shopping season. Whether for holiday gifts or New Year decor projects for one’s home, business or office, the website simplifies the selection process for easy online art photography shopping.

Those seeking beautiful realism art photos can browse Hesser’s growing selection at the website located here:

Sedona’s Lee Congdon Participates In Elite Educational Conference For Top Luxury Realtors

Sedona, AZ’s top solo real estate agent, Lee Congdon, recently attended The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing’s once-a-year Leaders in Luxury (LIL) Conference in Denver (CO) along with over 120 other leading realtors who specialize in the upscale home market. This conference assists Congdon and other leading realtors in supporting their luxury clientele with the latest and best data and strategies.

Click here to learn about Sedona and Sedona’s luxury real estate:

According to Congdon, the invitation-only event is an annual mastermind and networking forum for realtors who represent clients purchasing or selling million and multi-million dollar residential houses and estates. 

“This elite educational conference offers the latest data on what’s new and critical in the upscale housing market, provides us insiders’ views on top procedures and strategies in the business, as well as invaluable networking forums,” said Congdon. “I came back to Sedona with essential and unique information as well as new ideas to assist me in providing the very best service to my clients.” 

Leaders in Luxury’s presenters included George Betz, from London, England who is a director of The International Real Estate Federation, United Kingdom and a participant in a real estate organization with 275 brokerage locations outside North America called Fine & Country. Speakers also included Curt Hahn, founder of Nashville-based FilmHouse and a noted film producer, and Jennifer Yosowitz, Chief Operating Officer of Audio-One, an international home automation company based in Florida. Many real estate agents specializing in luxury real estate provided critical data and fielded questions at presentations as well as expert panels throughout the conference.

About Lee Congdon 

Since 2000, Lee Congdon has been one of Sedona’s most successful independent agents, providing her real estate clients with extensive expertise and high-level, personalized service. Congdon invests time and resources to keep herself informed about the latest in luxury real estate, assuring that her clients are supported with the best data available during a sale or purchase of Sedona properties, whether residential or horse properties ( To reach Lee Congdon directly, call or text 928-300-5050.

New Landfill Waste And Resource Management Website Launched

Anyone interested in the environment, or with a problem connected with waste, or rubbish, garbage/ trash will find useful technical information in this UK oriented waste and resource management website. It’s main focus is in broadly landfill site related topics. These include recycling, and in general they provide tuition on how to act sustainably and dispose of waste responsibly, both as individuals and in business. Waste Management Professionals, from those in the recycling industry to landfill site operators, should all be able to find relevant and useful information in the new recently re-launched IPPTS Associates “Landfill SIte” website. In fact, this new website launch takes into account the majority of the most user-requested features, including completely updated technical information pages, and new blog posts. Sketch videos have also been added to many articles and technical pages. These explain the main points of many of the articles, and cater for the trend in internet users who the site’s owner’s believe, increasingly wish to watch video presentations rather than read text. Throughout the website, technical information is provided by waste and resource management experts, and many tables and diagrams are included.

IPPTS Associates has invested considerable time and effort to ensure an enjoyable user experience while providing timely and relevant information on waste and resource management. This includes landfill tip site, garbage and “dump” related topics, the principles of recycling, and how to be sustainable in the use of resources, when conducting waste management . Additional updates and new features can be expected in the future. Interested parties can view many of the videos on the YouTube website at .

Director of Marketing Sam Bright described the new website in this way:

“There has been a lot of positive feedback surrounding and the information that it provides. IPPTS Associates is committed to making continual improvements and adjustments so that all anyone interested in their environment, or with a problem connected with waste, or garbage/ trash have access to the latest information on waste and resource management, landfill site related topics, how to recycle, and ways to be sustainable. It is the goal of IPPTS Associates to become the leading resource for reliable information on issues impacting anyone interested in their environment, or with a problem connected with pollution and waste, or garbage/ trash.”

IPPTS Associates welcomes new and old website visitors alike to take a look at the new features available, and to submit feedback for the next round of updates.

​Trellis Works Commitment To American Manufacturing

Trellis Works Commitment To American Manufacturing

By Susan Hoffman

Trellis Works Commitment To American ManufacturingTrellis Works, located in the Southern California city of Riverside believes that Made In America matters. The welded wire 3 D trellises, which are suited for both residential and commercial use are entirely manufactured in the USA along with the materials used in production of the trellises.

Unlike traditional trellis systems, Trellis Works products are made from steel wire with a high recycle content. Those materials, manufacturing process and usage come with a commitment to environmental responsibility.  Who ever thought a trellis could help cut down on air conditioning usage?  A trellis system grown out with foliage shields a wall or roof from sunlight, and the resulting thermal gain inside the building. Dan Jessup of Trellis Works said, “anything you can do to shade a building will help reduce air conditioning costs, and our steel trellises on roofs and walls are both excellent ways to accomplish that.”

Another attribute of the trellis system is the mitigation of “steel trellises not only enhance the green roof environment aesthetically, but, are also useful. Jessup explains, “ whether the theme is to provide greenery with vines and flowers, or to grow fruits and vegetables, the steel trellises maximize space and functionality within a limited space. Specifically for the growth of fruits and vegetables, many people are using the age old espalier method to maximize the growing area.”Dan Jessup points out the sustainability factor when manufacturing a trellis using galvanized steel wire and the most durable coatings. “Galvanized wire is inherently corrosive resistant, and the addition of a non-corrosive color coat provides a superior product when exposed to the elements” states Jessup. Trellis Works includes a ten-year warranty, something that is well beyond the lifespan of a wood trellis with its susceptibility to termites and natural deterioration. Trellises which use treated wood contain non-environmentally friendly and often times toxic chemicals which can also leach into the soil. 

Trellis Works even has the ability to curve the steel by creating an arch shape which have become a popular addition to garden entry-ways for example. “We were even asked to create an arched trellis with greenery to frame a Virgin Mary statue at a church facility”, said Jessup.  Commitment to customer satisfaction is a priority at Trellis Works. “Customer service is a primary and key component of our business,” declared Jessup. “We pride ourselves on superior service for our current and prospective customers.” 

Trellis Works is developing a presence both nationally and in the attractive business environment in and around the Riverside community. According to Jessup, “ a large portion of our sales activity is outside Southern California reaching as far as the Midwest and East Coast.”

A new resource for men wishing to be a father after a vasectomy is launched!

A new website, is positioned to become the one place to go to find local vasectomy reversal  surgeons. This site is focused on identifying these important resources and having local web pages throughout the country for people to refer to.  The goal of the company is to provide easy access to medical professionals  whose main purpose is to help men regain the ability to  experience the joy of  fatherhood again naturally.

Every year around five hundred thousand men choose to have a vasectomy procedure.  A percentage of these men subsequently decide to reverse the procedure.   Recent advances in equipment and medicine in this field, such as micro-surgical techniques, has increased the rates of success in the performance of the reversal procedure.  It is not uncommon for success rates to be over95 percent for most doctors.   This site will find and match up the qualified physicians with prospects inquiring about the services in their local areas. People can put in their information and have doctors calling to schedule appointments.

 The parent company, The Idea Guys Brands, LLC has companies focusing on technology, search engine optimization and consumer products.  The owner, Guy T. Dunn, Sr. is a serial entrepreneur, best selling author and trainer who owns multiple entities and is no stranger to starting new ventures. When asked why he choose this area for this new project he replied, “ I want to focus on businesses where my clients are able to genuinely help people and see the value of focusing on providing the direct services and enlisting others to help  grow their market.”

Dunn plans to use his experience in marketing, branding and public relations to gain exposure for to the potential new fathers out there..  Being a super networker on LinkedIn with over 17,500 connections in his network, he should be able to gain ground in this market. Being a part of this is a win-win situation for him, the physicians and the soon to be growing families. 


Nothinglikenow Publishes New Blog Post on Guided Sleep Meditation

Nothinglikenow published their new blog post today: 7 Ways To Start Your Guided Sleep Meditation!. This blog post reveals 7 guided meditation videos that will help to relax and also provides a Guided meditation for sleep problems and insomnia.

Nothinglikenow owner Chris Moorman says “Many people struggle with really understanding the essence of a guided sleep meditation”. This blogpost gives solid information that’s not usually shared openly in the Mental Health industry.

The blog post is at

Scientists believe sleep is necessery to survive. Sleep appears necessary for the nervous systems to work properly. Too little sleep leaves people drowsy and unable to concentrate the next day. 

It also leads to impaired memory and physical performance and reduces the ability to carry out mathematical calculations. When sleep deprivation continues, hallucinations and mood swings may develop.

Research shows that there isn’t one fixed time for all men to wake up. The common believe that it is healthy to wake up at five o’clock in the morning isn’t based on scientific research. This can be beneficial for some and harmful for others. 

If a person wakes up during the three hours of deep sleep the energy level will be disturbed. For most people these three ours are between two and five in the morning, but this isn’t the case for everyone. The amount of sleep each person needs depends on many factors, including age. 

Experts say that when someone feels drowsy during the day, even during boring activities, they haven’t had enough sleep. If a person routinely falls asleep within five minutes of lying down, than that person probably has severe sleep deprivation, possibly even a sleep disorder.

According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke at least 40 million Americans suffer from chronic, long -term sleep disorders each year. Additional to that number there are 20 million people experiencing occasional sleeping problems. 

The most common sleep disorders include:


Sleep Apnea – sleep apnea is a disorder ofinterrupted breathing during sleep 

Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) – a familial disorder causing unpleasant crawling, prickling, or tingling sensations in the legs and feet and an urge to move them for relief 

Narcolepsy – People with narcolepsy have frequent sleep attacks at various times of the day, even if they have had a normal amount of night-time sleep. These attacks last from several seconds to more than thirty minutes

Based on research there are nine tips for a good night sleep:

·        Set a schedule

·        Exercise

·        Avoid caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol

·        Relax before bed

·        Sleep until sunlight

·        Don’t lie in bed awake

·        Control the room temperature

·        Practice a guided sleep meditation

·        See a doctor when sleeping problems continue

About Nothinglikenow

Nothinglikenow was founded in 2014 and serves the Mental Health industry. It is known for Providing information on practicing Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation, Depression and Anxiety.

As Severe Winter Hits Denver, Sunshine Plumbing and Heating Offers Boiler and Heating Advice

HVAC Maintenance in Denver can be expensive.  Sunshine Plumbing and Heating is offering some insight on dealing with these essential systems.  

The First Benefit of getting HVAC Maintenance is to Reduce Utility Bills

Sunshine Plumbing, Heating and Air technicians are ready to answer service calls on a routine and emergency basis at residential and commercial properties throughout Denver. Winter weather in Denver is rough, leading to needing expert HVAC maintenance to ensure a furnace or baseboard heaters are working optimally. It is less expensive and stressful to get preventative maintenance as it can help identify major problems before they show up.

According to Susan Frew, owner of Sunshine Plumbing Heating and Air, “We suggest an inspection and cleaning once a year to help heating systems run efficiently to reduce utility bills each month. Our technicians change air filters, vacuum components and lubricate mechanisms to help climate control devices have a longer life span.  It sounds like this will cost a lot of money, but in truth it saves clients money, much in the same way oil changed in a car cost money, but are much cheaper than buying a new car.”

Professional heating, venting and air-conditioning services can protect people from the dangers of lethal gases such as carbon monoxide. The technicians at Sunshine are required to check vents and ductwork carefully in a building after working on an air conditioner or furnace. Ductwork filled with debris is a fire hazard in addition to leading to poor air quality that causes allergy symptoms. Sunshine arrives promptly for service calls with a company van filled with equipment and replacement parts.  Any good HVAC team will have these resources available, clients just need to ensure they choose one of the fine HVAC repair companies in Denver

According to Frew, “Our goal is to repair air conditionersand furnaces as fast as possible to protect our client’s health and reduce the stress in their lives. Adequate temperature control in a building helps to protect structures from having frozen pipes in the winter and mold growth in the summer. Mold is a severe concern for our clients who pay attention to their health. Customers can call us round-the-clock for HVAC maintenance in Denver.  We are even available on holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas for Emergency repairs.”

Denver Boiler Repairs

Understanding how to repair a boiler is a specialized skill that requires a knowledgeable technician with heating and venting experience. A boiler is a sensitive device with mechanisms that use water and fuel to heat a building. To avoid an injury, a technician must know how to read pressure meters in addition to dealing with fuel sources that operate the boiler’s system.  According to Frew, “Fixing a boiler should not be done by an inexperienced “do it yourselfer.”  There are cases where people die or are severely injured if they do not have the proper training.  Even some plumbers without proper training have tried to fix a boiler to their peril, which is why we would never suggest someone attempt their own boiler repair.”

Due to the possibility of an explosion that can lead to injuries, it is suggested individuals without proper training avoid work on boiler systems. Boiler systems are made by manufacturers that use different designs requiring an expert technician to understand by reading schematics. A boiler’s tank is made of durable metal such as copper, iron or steel that is heated with fuel such as wood, natural gas or oil. Not only are the heating devices complex, a boiler has complicated mechanisms to heat water to make steam that is transported through a building. 

Because boilers are long lasting heating systems, the technicians at Sunshine must know how to source parts from warehouses to repair the devices. Each boiler has many components that work together to heat a building with steam heat that travels through vents in different rooms of a building. Adjusting the valves, drum and water levels in a boiler requires expertise to ensure the device functions optimally to keep individuals warm. 

Frew has some final advice for Denver residents and business owners, “When dealing with heating systems or plumbing, an ounce of prevention is with a pound of cure.  Ignoring subtle symptoms can eventually lead to extremely costly repairs.  Like dental work, it is best to have 2 exams a year, one in Spring before the summer to check the cooling systems and one in fall before winter to inspect the heating systems.  It may cost a $100 or $200, but it can save tens of thousands of dollars in the long run.”

ENTRUST Technology Consulting Services of San Antonio Warns Clients of Windows Server 2003 Support Change

ENTRUST Technology Consulting Services is issuing a technological announcement to its clients and associates. Microsoft has discontinued its support for its 2003 Windows Operating Service. There are several services for this operating system that will no longer be in effect following July 14, 2015. 

The regular security updates that were being provided for the software will no longer be made available. The patches that guard the PC against new viruses, spyware, and other forms of malicious software will no longer be distributed. Technical support directly from Microsoft will also be discontinued. Additionally, the content and software updates that Microsoft once supplied will be discontinued as well.

ENTRUST would like to inform clients that all software is designed with a particular life cycle in mind. The expected end of the cycle marks the point at which technological advances no longer allow for updates and security enhancements. Consequently, automated fixes from Microsoft, software updates, and technical assistance that was available online will no longer be available. 

This announcement comes despite the fact that over 12 million physical servers spanning the globe currently operate using this platform.The impact of the change can be considerable for individuals and businesses still running this version of Windows. These systems will become exposed to great risks concerning security breaches. The risk is so great, in fact, the US Government has an official warning out to consumers.

The possibilities for damage from cyber-attacks after this date include the loss of electronic data and other abuses from malicious software. Users are also extremely likely to encounter compatibility problems with current software and hardware designed for Windows. 

New releases from Microsoft will no longer be designed to be compatible with the older platform.The computer platform itself will still be operational after this date, however. Businesses that continue to use the outdated platform elevate their risk in several ways. Negative consequences of failing to update the system can include a lack of protection when it comes to confidentiality. The loss of personal data is possible as well. System resources, the availability of data, and the integrity of business resources may also be compromised. 

Organizations falling under specific regulatory obligations may also encounter difficulties when it comes to certain requirements for compliance. Users do have the option of upgrading their system using a variety of methods that include cloud-based operations. In addition to our services, software vendors are available to aid in making the transition to a Windows operating systems that is supported. The current marketplace also allows for migration using local service providers and online resources.

New YouTube Channel Features Luxury Villa Holidays at Unbelievable Rates

Travelers of all ages who enjoy the freedom to do their own thing and discover at their own pace are invited to visit the all-new YouTube channel independent holidays playlist by on BarbadosTravel. This new channel playlist offers a series of delightful videos on luxury villa holidays, self catering vacations and activities for the independent minded Traveler. Leading the channel launch is an incredible special offer by Settlers Beach Villa Hotel. 

Interested individuals can visit the YouTube channel and playlist at or read more on the company website at:

Planned upcoming videos include:

Barbados Independent Travel – Barbados Travel is for all travelers and all ages who enjoy the tropics, beaches and joyful holidays amongst warm and friendly people of the Caribbean.

Villa Holidays – Barbados is well know for its elegant luxury private villas along the pristine west coast of the island where Barbados top resort and villa hotels offer the best independent self-catering holidays in the world. 

Self-Catering Vacations – The playlist will feature special packages and offers from the island’s self-catering resorts, apartments, villas and all properties suited to the independent-minded travelers.

This latest video showcases a special villa vacation and heritage package offered by Settlers Beach Villa Hotel. The new package includes the islands’ top accommodation value with an unbelievable rate that makes luxury available to all Barbados travelers.  It rates as one of the best villa holidays in the Caribbean.

Kathy-Lynn Ward, COO of Barbados Tourism Encyclopedia had this to say about the new channel feature:

“Barbados Travel gives guests the latest news on what’s happening in the Barbados Holidays scene and our new playlist will offer the latest packages, news and reviews on the best holidays for independent travel adventures.”

Interested travelers of all ages who enjoy the freedom to do their own thing and discover the destination at their own pace away from the crowd can view the latest videos here:

Full details on the channel as well as upcoming programming can be found on the company website:

The press article by Settlers Beach Villa Hotel covering the special villa package is also available at…

New website is the CSI of the construction and engineering world

New website is positioned to become one of the top websites to find Forensic Engineering Expert Witness Services across the country.  Focusing on the marketing of this highly regarded profession, this company will be a national resource of expert witnesses in the fields of building, construction and engineering, 

The field of forensic engineering is focused on uncovering defects and flaws in material, products, structures and components.  Many times these functional flaws can result in damage to personal property and can also cause personal injury.  Usually the consequences have legal ramifications and experts are enlisted to prove or disprove liability.

Having a well positioned site dedicated to finding the experts in this area will provide a great service to attorneys and the construction companies who need to protect themselves from adverse litigation.  In addition to being witnesses for legal proceedings, many times these experts serve as consultants to assist in project planning, forensic accounting, budget planning and construction management.

The parent company, The Idea Guys Brands, LLC has companies focusing on technology, search engine optimization and consumer products.  The owner, Guy T. Dunn, Sr. is a serial entrepreneur, best selling author and trainer who owns multiple entities and is no stranger to starting new ventures. When asked why he choose this area for this venture he replied, “ I want to focus on business ventures where my clients have high ticket services and see the value of paying others to assist them to market for new business prospects.”

Dunn plans to use his experience in marketing, branding and public relations to gain exposure for to the construction marketplace.  With his extensive LinkedIn network which exceeds 17,500 connections, he should be able to get the word out pretty quickly.  This much needed service will be just another one of the successful ventures to add to his entrepreneurial utility belt