New Meal Replacement Shakes, Reviews, and Recipes Website Announced by

Get the Skinny on’s New Website Revolving Around Meal Replacement Shakes recognizes that meal replacement shakes are highly beneficial to many people attempting to lose weight. Meal replacement shakes help satisfy cravings for sweets, while providing beneficial nutrients and helping dieters manage their daily calorie counts.

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Not all meal replacement shakes are made the same though; thus the creation of the new website for meal replacement shakes, reviews, and recipes.

The website provides dieters, and anyone looking to eat healthy with meal replacement shakes reviews for Formula One Meal Replacement Shake and the Realmeal GF Whey Protein Shake.

In addition, offers many meal replacement shakes recipes for a wide range of flavors that is sure to break up the normal shake routine.

The following are among the recipes offered on the website:

- Pumpkin Smoothie

- Chocolate and Mint Smoothie

- Strawberry and Protein Shake

- Strawberry and Nuts Smoothie

- Vanilla Almond Smoothie

- Vanilla and Flax Seed Shake

- Protein Shake

- Blueberry Miracle Shake

- Coconut and Strawberry Smoothie

- Orange and Chocolate Smoothie

In addition to the meal replacement shakes, reviews, and recipes, offers meal replacement shakes infographics and articles to help readers stay informed on the latest research, hints, and tips about getting more mileage from their shakes.

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One of the most important things about meal replacement shakes that is discussed in the meal replacement shakes, reviews, and recipes infographics is the need to ensure that dieters are getting adequate nutritional value from the shakes the drink. The infographic explains the ten things people should look for when choosing shakes.

“I have used and researched this product thoroughly and this is one of the very few products I gladly recommend to my clients,” says website owner Gio, when discussing products reviewed on

Overall, is most helpful to people who are considering protein and diet shakes. It offers practical advice about the benefits of meal replacement shakes, who can benefit from them, how many shakes people should drink in a day, and the impact other health concerns, such as diabetes, has on someone’s ability to drink shakes in the first place.


The mission of is to offer researched and informed insights about healthy shakes for weight loss and/or maintenance, and to provide recipes for those who need to change things up every once in a while.

Don’t put off a healthier lifestyle any longer. Visit or email info at for more information.

Leads-Locally Anticipates an Increase in Defamation Lawsuits Against Online Reviewers in 2015.

Leads-Locally Anticipates an Increase in Defamation Lawsuits Against Online Reviewers in 2015.Leads-Locally examines new local marketing trends for 2015 with focus on Reputation Management as a potential game changer for online marketing. Leads-Locally believes that trust is the new currency of digital marketing; they want to explore more options for their clientele so that they become authorities that their customers know, like, and trust. 

However, there are a growing number of lawsuits in the USA over posts on review websites such as Yelp. With 84million visitors and 33 million reviews written each month, Yelp is a popular place for consumers to look for information. A Harvard study showed that a one star increase in rating on Yelp yields a 5-9% increase in revenue for a company. This suggests that online reviews are important to a company’s reputation and success. 

Conversely according to the same Harvard study just one negative review can reduce revenue by as much as 13%. Consumers may directly or indirectly come across these negative reviews either as users of the review service or by stumbling upon it through a Google search. Either way, if one of the first review readers stumbles upon is negative, or to a greater extent harshly negative, this could result in the company’s revenue dropping as much as 70%. 

Consequently because of the severe impact on business revenues, businesses are resorting to lawsuits against reviewers to address the damage caused by inaccurate or false statements in their view. These types of lawsuits are becoming increasingly popular and some lawyers are suggesting that those companies who feel threatened are more likely to file these types of suits. Many lawyers are pursuing these cases more rigorously because of how detrimental these sorts of reviews can be to companies. 

Reviewers need take heed: Those who feel a civic duty to post a scathing review, warning others to steer clear of a particular establishment, like a Restaurant or a Hotel, or a Service Provider, such as a Plastic Surgeon or a Cosmetic Dentist, could face a defamation suit. 

Eric Goldman, director of the Santa Clara University School of Laws High Tech Law Institute, says; a reminder to review authors: There can be significant legal risk to sharing your views online. It’s one thing to bash a business to a friend over coffee. But it’s quite another, legally, to start chatting over the Internet with a few million of your not-yet friends. Companies see these reviews and sometimes get testy. 

Many potential customers use review sites like Yelp to find out about a business reputation before they give them their business, and many assume online reviews as an accurate account of a users experience with the business. A recent conversation with a Yelp account manager confirmed that Yelp does not “Fact Check” reviews. Consequently individuals such as disgruntled employees and the business competition, which did not patronize the business, can post false and fake reviews.  By posting fake reviews, these companies may be violate multiple state laws against false advertising and engaged in illegal and deceptive business practices. 

In a recent lawsuit, Hadeed (The business owner) believes that the negative reviews weren’t actually written by customers at all, which would make their statements defamatory. Hadeed sued those anonymous reviewers. 

Hadeed’s lawyers issued a subpoena to Yelp to learn the identity of the anonymous posters, but Yelp refused to respond to it, claiming anonymous speech was protected by the First Amendment. 

The court agreed that Yelp must turn over its data on the reviewers. Here are the relevant aspects of the case from the BBC: 

In a statement, the judge said: Generally, a Yelp review is entitled to First Amendment protection because it is a person’s opinion about a business that they patronized. 

He added that users had the right to express themselves anonymously without fear of being identified just because another person disagreed with them. 

However, the statement went on to say: “If the reviewer was never a customer of the business, then there view is not an opinion; instead the review is based on a false statement.” 

Yelp encourages its users to be honest regarding their experiences but also does not take responsibility for what users say. Users are always cautioned to omit excessive exaggeration and should know not to lie on a review. Although First Amendment rights are important and must be upheld, deliberately sabotaging the viability of a business must also be discouraged. Outright lying is considered defamation and individuals who take part in these types of activities can and will beheld liable. If users of Yelp are honest and truthful, then a company should not be able to sue for defamation simply because it will not match the definition of the action. 

Litigation should always be the last resort; leads-locally helps their customers to explore their non-litigation options to resolve contentious negative reviews. Having an average online reputation can also drive your paid traffic to your competition as review sites also promote your competition.

TMJ Treatment Toronto Dentist Dr. Goodfellow Provides Is Explained At Symposium

Dentists looking for the latest information on TMJ, sleep and pain disorders can attend the 8th Annual Symposium of the Canadian Chapter of the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain scheduled for October, 2014.

Richard Goodfellow, DDS of the TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre of Toronto is speaking at this year’s event, where he will cover key issues such as pain, sleep and TMD (temporomandibular joint disorder). At the end of this lecture, dentists will have an understanding of the types of appliances used for obstructive sleep apnea and TMJ treatment Toronto area patients receive in his practice. A system to help diagnose, deliver and treat these problems will also be explained. Dr. Richard Goodfellow is a Diplomate of the American Board of Craniofacial Pain and Craniofacial Dental Sleep Medicine. His private dental practice focuses on TMD, sleep apnea, orthopedics and orthodontics and is known as the â€œTMJ & SLEEP Centre of Toronto since 2012. His wealth of knowledge was recognized in his role as the Program Chairman for the Canadian AACP Chapter during the first 6 international symposiums.

How sleep medicine impacts the general practitioner will also be explained at this event by Richard A. Bonato who is the CEO and Co-Founder of BRAEBON® Medical Corporation. He has been involved in the study of sleep and its disorders since 1986. He has taught courses on sleeping & dreaming at Carleton University, was the director of a sleep disorders laboratory, and has been an author, co-author, reviewer, and examiner in various educational organizations within the sleep field, including the AASM, AAST, BRPT.  He has served on the Executive of the Canadian Sleep Society.

Early Treatment with the ALF Functional Appliance will also be discussed at this event by Dr. Bronson. In 2006, Dr. James M Bronson began lecturing on â€œThe ALF Paradigm in the US, Canada, Europe and Asia. In 2013, Dr. Bronson founded The ALF Educational Institute, LLC with the mission of providing structured and certified education in the functions, actions, and designs of the ALF appliances. He co-authored the article â€œEarly Treatment with the ALF Functional Appliance” published in the 2014 Spring Issue of the International Journal of Orthodontics.

When asked about the reasons behind his topic at this event, Dr. Richard Goodfellow, a founding member of the Canadian Chapter of the AACP said:

Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMJ disorders), sleep disorders and pain effect a large percentage of society. These are complicated conditions to properly assess and treat. The journey continues at this symposium for being able to more fully understand each of these conditions and their relationship between each other.

The TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre of Toronto website has full details about Dr. Goodfellow’s practice. Interested parties can visit the website at:

Influence Engine Marketer releases updated SEO tool

Influence Engine Marketer, the team that aims to give businesses a boost with the use of latest tools and platforms necessary for it to grow has recently released a new update to SEO tool called Yahoonichefinder and are giving it away.The tool works by looking for keywords from Yahoo Answers. All a user needs to do is enter a keyword for which one wishes to do a search on, and the tool gives up to a hundred questions on Yahoo Answers related to the particular keyword. This tool makes it easier for users to search for marketable niches. They can easily see what people on Yahoo Answers want to have or if a particular niche has many hits.

The giving away of their updated tool naturally won’t last forever, so head on to to get a free copy today. The tool is sure to help, especially if a business owner was looking for a viable niche to venture into. This recent release also helps the group’s main purpose of helping out businesses grow and set up marketing presence online to make better use of the available technology today. The group specializes in planning and setting up business’ online marketing sectors using various tools and online resources and means. All business owners would have to do is to watch and see how their business gains more traction in the market, and possibly even inspire a following.

With Yahoo Answers being one of the major avenues for raising queries for most internet-literate consumers, the Yahoonichefinder tool is a great and useful tool to use to maximize resources. Users can find out what people want from a certain niche without having to go Yahoo Answers manually, or they can find which niches would work well for their business and which ones won’t.

To find out more about Influence Engine Marketer and what they can do for a business or to get a hold of a free copy of the updated Yahoonichefinder visit their website.

Pacesetter Homes Announces Bell Farms Phase II Homes Are Now Available

Pacesetter Homes, a leading new home builder in the Austin and Texas Hill Country area, is proud to announce two new model homes available to view in Bell Farms Phase II and ten homes available in inventory for purchase. Bell Farms is the newest Pacesetter Homes community featuring beautiful new homes in Manor, Texas,an area just east of downtown Austin.

Phase II of Bell Farms offers new home buyers an opportunity to buy a home in an excellent and growing community that offers all the conveniences of Austin, without the inflated prices. These homes can be purchased with the USDA Zero down financing program, saving each new home buyer thousands of dollars in out of pocket expenses.

Additional new home buyer incentives offered by Pacesetter Homes on all available homes in phase II of Bell Farms include:

- An appliance package to include washer/dryer and refrigerator

- 2″ Faux wood blinds on windows

- All buyer’s closing cost to be paid

- Plus, a $5k buyer bonus that the buyer can choose to use for price reduction, design center credit, or an interest rate buy down.

The continuing development in Bell Farms and several other new home communities in and around Austin and the Hill Country areas signals the next chapter of success for Pacesetter Homes, Austin’s premier new home builder. Pacesetter Homes prides itself on developing communities that enrich homebuyer’s lives and offers a full range of housing options that deliver superior value. The team at Pacesetter Homes invites prospective buyers to visit Bell Farms Phase II to view the new available model homes and to review the current new home inventory, as well as discuss the available buyer incentives.

About Pacesetter Homes

Pacesetter Homes is a new home builder in Austin and the Texas Hill Country. A proud member of the QUALICO family, Pacesetter Homes was started in 2007 and offers new homes with a focus on award-winning designs, quality construction, and reliability.

Cash Back Shopping with Free OR Paid entry options for both Shoppers and Marketers

All families and individuals that shop either online or at Local Shopping Malls can take advantage of the new offering from Dubli. 

The company has implemented this new benefit for both new and existing customers. In order to take advantage of Free entry or a Paid entry options for Shoppers and Marketers customers can visit the website at for full details.

Jock Tiernan is excited to unveil the latest benefit for all new customers of 

This Cash Back of 3% to 14% is specifically designed to meet the needs of families and individuals whose shopping is done either Online or at Local Shopping Mall.

Jock Tiernan, Owner of, described the Free entry or a Paid entry options for Shoppers and Marketers in this way:

“These new benefits of the Free and Paid entry allow the home shopper to receive Cash back for any shopping that they normally do for the home. 

Plus those that spend time online shopping will benefit from the various levels of Cash Back From the Standard Shopping Mall to Travel, Accommodation, Sporting Goods and  “

Interested parties that would like to be one of the first to experience the Free entry or a Paid entry options for Shoppers and Marketers are encouraged to visit the website at for full details and to get started Today before Christmas

Custom Business Video Player, Hosting & Analytics Announces 50% Discount

PressPlay, a new business video hosting service with advanced analytics and customization, has announced theirpremier product launch with a 50% discount on their yearly subscription fee.

Fulldetails on the sale as well as the high quality video hosting software can befound directly on the website at:

Thecompany provides a full-scale video hosting solution alongside online marketingtools and services tailored to small business users. Their PressPlay video andlanding page software includes multiple features such as:


Alanding page builder

Landingpage templates

Videointegration with Facebook

Video integration with YouTube

Integratedturnstiles for gated video content

Integratedcalls to action

Integratedemail marketing for lead gathering

MarkThompson, one of the creators behind PressPlay, expressed tremendous excitementat seeing the product launch, saying “The PressPlay service has everything thata small business needs to host professional, high-quality videos affordably andeffectively. We know that video is one of the major drivers of increasedconversion, and the goal of PressPlay is to make it easy for business owners totap into that successfully. Our service creates SMART videos withfeatures that make conversion optimization simple for anyone. On top ofthat, our subscription rates are highly competitive and this makes us the bestvalue in the business.”

A singlelicense is good for use on any sites that are owned by the buyer. For those whodevelop sites for clients, there is a separate developer’s license.

Underthe developer’s license, users of PressPlay are allowed to use the videohosting solution on multiple client websites as well as developer-owned sites.

The 50%off sale is valid for the one year subscription to PressPlay, while themonth-to-month subscription remains full price.

Interestedbusiness owners are encouraged to visit the website and review the details ofthe sale at totake advantage of the special pricing. Adds New In-Depth Reviews Of Online Guitar Lessons and Online Piano Lessons. – a website dedicated to the art of vocal mastery – has released brand new reviews of online guitar lessons and online piano lessons. These full-length feature reviews reveal whether or not several different online guitar and piano lessons available to consumers really deliver on their promises to help you master musical instruments and music theory quickly.

The in-depth reviews also reveal if these online music lessons can really act as a substitute for private instrument lessons. The authors delve into the content and show whether they can truly benefit beginners as well as more advanced musicians.

Writers at The Singer’s Corner say there are many people considering buying online guitar, piano or singing lessons and there is a lot of buzz around the potential benefits for new and seasoned music artists. The products reviewed include Jamplay, Guitar Tricks, Rocket Piano and much more.

Although the site started as a place for people to learn how to sing better and improve their vocals, they quickly expanded their offering. “Playing guitar or piano goes hand in hand with singing,” says Omar from “Some of today’s best musicians often play an instrument while singing at the same time. The Singer’s Corner and the information on it now reflects that reality.” 

The reviews give an objective analysis of how well online guitar lessons and online piano lessons actually deliver. Unlike many other reviews, the authors often have access to the actual product and offer insights into whether it might be a good purchase for the general public.

Read the entire lineup of detailed music training product reviews that The Singer’s Corner has on it’s website at and

Las Vegas Troop 770 Hold Court of Honor Award Ceremony In Zion National Park

Las Vegas Troop 770 published their new blog post today: Boy Scouts in Las Vegas Head To Zion National Park. This blog post reveals that Boy Scouts and their families hiked into the famous Zion Narrows knee to waist deep at times in the Virgin River water gorge that cuts through the majestic Zion slot canyon. For the first time, Troop 770 held an outdoor award ceremony, called a Court of Honor, where the Scouts received over 80 merit badges and 20 rank advancements. The families from Troop 770 pitched in to prepare a camping style pot luck diner to compliment the celebration.

Las Vegas Troop 770 Scoutmaster, Brian Williams says, “I am very proud of the Scouts, many of whom just began their Scouting experience within the past few months. The boys planned and led a wonderful award ceremony and it was my honor to be a part of it. We will certainly make this event an annual tradition in our troop.”

The blog post is at…

There were 35 participants from ages 8 to 70 in this year’s annual family campout. Among them were brothers, sisters, parents and grandparents related to the 16 Scouts in Troop 770. Normally family members are not invited to camp with the Boy Scouts so this was a unique experience for everyone involved. In addition to the award ceremony and hiking The Narrows, the Scouts put on a nearly 90 minute campfire program complete with songs, skits and jokes to entertain the families and themselves. 

About Las Vegas Boy Scout Troop 770

Las Vegas Troop 770 was founded in 2013 and serves the Boy Scouts of America industry from the Summerlin, Las Vegas area. It is known for providing boys ages 11 to 17 a leadership and character development experience through extensive outdoor camping, hiking, backpacking, canoeing and high adventure activities.

Syosset Taekwondo Instructor Encourages Resistance Training to Kids

Master Mike Lee of Masters Martial Arts located in Syosset, NY teaches kids martial arts, self defense and more.  The more is actually what all kids and adults need.  And that need is resistance training.  Resistance training which is also known as strength training is one of the quickest and best ways to see positive changes and results on the body.  Resistance training is by pressing or pulling and just adding resistance to develop strength.  Machines, free weights and calisthenics also known as body weight exercises are methods to use resistance training in your workouts.

As a martial arts instructor and certified personal trainer Master Mike Lee prefers body weight movement and alternating body angles and positions to create tough and fun workouts.  Body weight movements are safer for children and middle aged clients as the chances of injury are reduced by not dropping or over extending heavy weights.  It is also more natural to use the tools the body already has.  According to Master Lee anyone can do it. Master Lee mentions: “I love how the human body is made and how the body knows how to react and move according to it’s needs.”  One simple exercise children can do right at home is the modified or simpler version of a burpee.

Click here to view diagram: Syosset Taekwondo Body Weight Exercise

When performing this particular body weight exercise the whole body is engaged.  The legs are utilized in squats, kicking and standing.  The upper body parts are engaging the arms, chest, back and shoulders.  All the while the midsection or “core” is engaged tightening the abdominal region, and back muscles.  This is all complete resistance workout that is also beneficial as the cardiovascular system is pumping hard.  At the end of the workout muscles are firm and the heart is beating strong.