Lucrative Home Business Report Released by Passive Workday reveals 97 Home Business Opportunities

Passive Workday released their free report today: 97 Ways tomake $100 per Day. This report reveals 97 ways to start a lucrative home based business andthe resources for getting started in any number of the chosen ventures.

The report can be downloaded free at

Passive Workday owner, Brian Laguna says for too long peoplehave been in the dark on the costs and problems associated with starting anInternet based business from their home. This report helps to open the curtains on the industry and give regularpeople the facts on starting a lucrative home business, that they won’t findelsewhere.

Some of the home business ideas presented in this report maybe well known to the general public already, such as opportunities utilizingFacebook or eBay.  But the report listsmany potential income streams that are little known.  And as a result, will have little in the wayof competition.

On such example are virtual assistant jobs.  The opportunities exist on a number offreelance websites.  The report lists anumber of such sites that are free to join.

The experience, skill set and qualifications will varydepending on the specific position sort. However, Passive Workday confirms that there are new opportunitiesposted everyday and that many employers will train their newly hired virtualstaff.

When asked about the qualification requirements, BrianLaguna had this to say, “People interested in this type of opportunity shouldnot be intimidated.  Of course, you needto go after positions for which you can do the job.  But remember, there are so many businesseslooking for people to do things that are not terribly complicated, but do taketime, so it’s a win-win”.

About Passive Workday

Passive Workday was founded in 2014 and serves the InternetBased Home Business community. It is known for providing timely reports on thelatest offerings and opportunities in the Internet marketing and home based businessspace.

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Austin Texas Fine Jeweler Discusses Customer Loyalty

A childhood fascination with rocks and gemstones, plus ten years of experience as a diamond buyer, led Joseph Villarreal to create his own retail custom jewelry business in 1997. Villarreal Fine Jewelers in Austin, Texas specializes in custom-designed jewelry.“Not the traditional retail store,” Villarreal explains.“Preferring to meet by appointment, so clients can be in an office environment. This enables  Villarreal Jewelers to better prepare for customers’ visits and dedicate full attention to the requirements. Customers have a hand in every stage of the design of their pieces and sign off on every stage from the beginning to the CAD (computer-aided drawing) to the render, which is basically the finished product. From there its off to the casting and the manufacturing of the product.And they never had a piece come back because it was not what the customer envisioned.”Customers help do the “selling” for Villarreal Fine Jewelry. 

Because of the unique nature of the business, Villarreal Fine Jewelers relies heavily on word-of-mouth referrals and testimonials on their website to attract new customers.“Villarreal Fine Jewelers query customers all the time on how they heard about our business,” says Villarreal. “And 99 percent of the time it’s either through referral or they read numerous positive testimonials on website, or some other online company that handles local reviews Jewelers tend to be very old school when it comes to marketing, according to Villarreal, but he believes search engine optimization (SEO) and online marketing are very important for small, local businesses. “Consumers are very savvy these days,” he says, “and before they go out and shop, they’re going to look online and they’re going to look at testimonials and reviews.” 

Villarreal also uses his financing cardholder list to keep current customers coming back. “I call them and remind them, ‘Mr. Smith, the client  has a $3,000 credit line here that is readily available for the customer.  They try to keep anniversary and birthday dates handy so that they know what’s coming up, and they send an email or a personal handwritten note. Once a quarter is good to get back to these customers. So many companies work very hard on getting new business, but they neglect what they have right under their nose.”INSPIRING TRUST Villarreal Fine Jewelers wins customer loyalty and referrals with custom-designed jewelry and caring service.“ Consumers are very savvy these days and before they go out and shop,they’re going to look online testimonial reviews.”- Joseph Villarreal, Owner,Villarreal Fine Jewelers.

Make sure to visit Villarreal Jewelers when one is looking for unique engagement rings and custom jewelry.

Hayley Paige Wedding Gowns to be featured at the Maiden Voyage Bridal Trunk Show

As the exclusive carrier of Hayley Paige designer wedding gowns in St. Louis, Maiden Voyage Bridal announced on Tuesday that they will hold their first Hayley Paige wedding gowns trunk show. The show will be held for 4 days at their Manchester store located at 120 Henry Ave., Manchester MO 63011 during normal business hours from January 8th through 10th, and from 12-4pm on Sunday, January 11th, 2015. This event is by appointment only and as a special promotion, they are offering 10% off OR a free veil with the purchase of a wedding dress. All attendees are encouraged to contact the store owner for further details about the offer.

Ann Kang, the store owner, said “This is a rare event where you will get to see the entire line of the Hayley Paige Blush 2015 bridal collection. We are proud to be the exclusive St. Louis carrier of Hayley Paige bridal gowns, a brand famous for their sassy fashion forward styles and popularity with celebrity brides. We recently supplied the wedding dress for a photo shoot with St Louis Blues star T. J. Oshie  & his fiancée Lauren Cosgrove, featured in Saint Louis Bride & Groom Magazine Winter/Spring 2015 issue.”  The co-owner, James Kang added, “We have dealt with many designer wedding gowns from around the world serving St. Louis brides for over 21 years, but Hayley Paige wedding gowns seem to excite our customers like we have never seen before.  We are very thrilled to host this event for St. Louis brides and are running a special promotion as a part of the event. While this event showcases the Hayley Paige bridal collection, our normal merchandise will also be on hand, such as bridesmaids dresses, wedding veils, bridal headpieces, mother-of-the-bride dresses, flower girls’ dresses, shoes and jewelry, so this event is ideal for the entire bridal party.”

Maiden Voyage Bridal is currently taking appointments for brides, their bridesmaids and family members to preview and try on gowns, veils and headpieces at the show. You can visit their website or call the store 636-394-5858 to make an appointment.

About Maiden Voyage Bridal

Maiden Voyage Bridal is one of the largest and most experienced bridal salons in the St. Louis area. They are a full service bridal shop offering designer wedding gowns, bridesmaids, veils, headpieces, mothers’ gowns, flower girls’ dresses, shoes, jewelry and full service in-house professional alteration department. With 7500 square feet, they have the largest inventory of wedding dresses in St. Louis and are often the only carrier for many of the most exquisite brands of wedding and prom dresses in the area. Since 1994, Maiden Voyage Bridal has helped thousands of St Louis brides find the perfect wedding gown with their staff of experienced & dedicated wedding consultants. For more information, visit their website or contact the company via email or phone 636-394-5858.  For the latest news update, please visit

Media Contact

Maiden Voyage Bridal 

120 Henry Avenue 

Manchester, MO 63011 

(636) 394-5858

Wineova Plastic Wine Glasses – Innovative Design Allows Drinking Fine Wines Outdoors

St. Petersburg, Florida, December 19th 2014- Wineova Plastic Wine Glasses now present wine enthusiasts and all those who enjoy a good glass of wine every now and then, with a great opportunity. With the Wineova Plastic Wine Glasses, people will now be able to enjoy their favourite wine anywhere they want to. The glasses have made wine flutes portable with a great innovation.

Combining together the idea of children’s sippy cups and adult wine glasses in one design, Wineova wine glasses are an innovative way people can now enjoy their wine outdoors as well. Plastic wine glasses, the other ones, look extremely tacky and can also spill if taken along. Wineova plastic wine glasses have a portable design made of high quality acrylic plastic, featuring a drink through lid, like the sippy cups, so that they don’t only prevent spills but also let people enjoy their wine. The sip-through lid also keeps bugs and other dirty objects flying around away from the wine glass.

The inside of the plastic cup resembles a wine flute which can be filled with the wine of the user’s choice. The flute is surrounded by a regular plastic cup which can be covered with a lid. Wineova wine glasses feature an ergonomic design which is not only easy to hold but will not tip over as well. For all wine enthusiasts, Wineova wine glasses have made it possible to enjoy a good glass of wine in the outdoors as well. The cups with the “in-built” wine glass can be taken around hand-held and body temperature will not get transferred into the wine due to the insulated design of the glass.

Currently available for sale at , Wineova Plastic Wine Glasses are available at an affordable price of just $12.50. Wine enthusiasts can now place their orders for these innovative wine glasses very easily at

For more information please visit

Chicago Injury Center’s Disabled Veterans Scholarship


Chicago Injury Center’s Annual Disabled Veterans Scholarship

Chicago Illinois, December 19, 2014 – The Chicago Injury Center (CIC) is proud to announce the continuation of our annual scholarship program to the nation’s courageous disabled veterans who have proudly served our country. The CIC believes quality education that leads to a rewarding career can serve as a cornerstone to rebuild the lives of veterans who have suffered emotional or physical injury.

Service men and women often join the military forces to play an active role in protecting our country from dangers on the world’s stage. In service to our nation, they typically spend significant time away from family and friends, while placing their lives in harm’s way. For many, their sense of duty often came as a sacrifice that usually went unnoticed in their long years of service as a soldier, airman, sailor, Marine or Coast Guard seaman. The sacrifice was especially challenging for those men and women who ended their military service disabled from a job-related injury or condition.

To honor their valor, the Chicago Injury Center proudly offers community college, undergraduate and graduate course scholarships to numerous disabled veterans every year. As an annual event, the CIC scholarship program includes $250 (2), $500 (1) and $1,000 (1) awards.

Earning a certification or degree through an accredited center for higher learning can enhance the lives of disabled veterans and their families. The CIC scholarship program provides funding to help offset the cost of advanced education. An award allows the disabled veteran to remain focused on their studies without worrying about the cost of tuition, registration and other school-related expenses.

Every honorably discharged disabled veteran seeking financial assistance with a cumulative 2.5 minimum GPA (grade point average) can apply if planning to attend or currently enrolled in an accredited university, college, community college or trade school within the United States. Each applicant will need to complete the process by submitting a 500+ word essay on the challenges they have endured as a disabled veteran. The essay should also detail how their challenges have prepared them to succeed in their chosen course of study.

To be eligible for consideration for the available scholarships, the completed application including the 500+ word essay, a copy of an unofficial GPA transcript and proof of an honorable discharge must be received by the first day of June 1, 2015 and all subsequent years. All winners will receive an email notification on or prior to July 1, 2015 (subsequent awards will follow a similar schedule). A CIC review team will evaluate each application to select the top submissions and determine the winners of the scholarship awards through a vote. The disabled veteran can use monies received through the scholarship for registration and tuition fees, and for the purchase of books, supplies and other school related items.

Submissions for the annual Chicago Injury Center’s Disabled Veterans Scholarship are accepted only through email at pearl[at] The email must include the word “Scholarship” in the subject line. Submission of a scholarship application serves as an agreement to have the essay published online on various social media channels and the official website.

The CIC provides the scholarships through an annual event to provide financial assistance to veterans suffering service-related disabilities. Through the program, the center hopes the scholarship awards serve as a positive mission statement to the courageous men and women who have been injured while putting their lives at risk to protect our country. Read more about the scholarship program

Can Stemless Wine Glasses Provide More Independence?

St. Petersburg, Florida, November 26, 2014: Wine tasting and the general drinking of wine during special occasions are two of the past times that have been enjoyed by so many for such a long time. Everyone from social drinkers to professional wine tasters enjoy the fruity taste of red or white wine or even champagne—and they surely enjoy it more with the right kind of glassware.

Traditionally, wine enthusiasts and seasoned wine tasters often use stemmed wine glasses because it is the more practical choice—having a stem to hold onto while sipping the chilled wine prevents the heat from the drinker’s hands from warming the beverage. However, for those who enjoy just the occasional drink, whether at home or during social gatherings, stemmed wine glasses may seem to formal for their tastes. This is where stemless wine glasses come in handy.

In the past couple of years, traditional stemmed wine glasses are getting trumped by the increasing popularity of different kind of glassware, such as stemless wine glasses and stemless champagne flutes. Restaurants and even homeowners have started using these kinds of casual glassware for various reasons.

Firstly, while stemmed wine glasses provide a little more sophistication and class to any kind of social event, stemless glassware is more often used for a more casual wine drinking in a relaxing atmosphere. Stems need to be handled with care because of their fragile nature, and this leads to a lesser enjoyment of the drinker. Because of the elimination of the stem, stemless glassware are more fit for casual wine drinkers who just want to sit down, relax, and enjoy their drink in a friendly environment. These stemless wine glasses are less likely to break and are easier to handle.

Secondly, wine glasses without stems are easier to clean and store. This is one of the reasons why even high-class restaurants now serve their best alcoholic beverages in stemless glassware—be it stemless wine glasses or stemless champagne flutes.

Lastly, stemless glassware can be useful and decorative at the same time. Stemless wine glasses can also be sent out as party favors or gifts.

Lime Works Inc Partners with MLK365 for annual capital march and diversity expo January 19,2015

Join the 34th Annual Capitol March for the Dream on January 19, 2015!

The March for the Dream includes the Capitol March and the Diversity Expo. This free event honors the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. and dramatizing the issues that can impact the future. As Northern California’s largest Martin Luther King Jr. day march, this event attracts a diverse crowd of 28,000 very enthusiastic participants to California’s Capitol for day of civic engagement, reflection and fun.  No matter the cause, the principles for change never change: March, Stand-Up, Speak-Out!   

 The six mile “Marade” (March and parade) as it’s affectionately called goes through some of Sacramento’s most historic neighborhoods. It begins on Martin Luther King Jr. blvd, to Sacramento City College, past the west steps of the State Capitol and finally to the Sacramento Convention Center.

The big stage will have introductions,  speakers,  talent and more. The pavilions will have: Health, Career, Resource , EducationTables, mlk365 t-shirts, info, sponsors, vendors, and community organizations.The Diversity Expo celebrates the collective power of  diversity and the transformative values of Martin Luther King Jr. The Expo is a fun, engaging and informational capstone to the six mile march. The Expo addresses the diverse needs of regular people.Children can do arts and crafts, face-painting and watch movies.Teens can display talents and showcase making a difference in a local community.Seniors share experiences in the Wisdom Corner.

The people are the dream, and the dream is now! For more information, please call 916-698-5147 or email:

Lime Works In is a complete I.T. service combined with a full offline and online internet marketing company using various strategies to help organizations grow digital footprint and enhance the company’s web presence. Whilethe foundation of these campaigns is search engine marketing, web video is used, as well asusing search engine marketing to rank videos and web sites. Social media, and a diverse ad display network  can be included in campaign to achieve client objectives.

Electro Acupuncture new way to treat Knee Injuries

Knee Pain is incredibly common in all populations.  In Canada, it’s responsible for about third of all doctor’s visits for muscle and bone pain. Knee pain is also a very prevalent problem in all athletic communities; over half of all athletes endure it every year.

Queen West Physiotherapy, in business since 1998, has treated many knee conditions over the years.  Some of the most common reasons for knee pain are swollen or torn ligaments, meniscus (cartilage) tears, and runner’s knee. But the knee is a complex joint, and there’s plenty more that can go wrong.

Most common causes:

Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Injury

The anterior cruciate ligament is often injured during sports activities. Athletes who participate in high demand sports like soccer, football, and basketball are more likely to injure their anterior cruciate ligaments. Changing direction rapidly or landing from a jump incorrectly can tear the ACL. About half of all injuries to the anterior cruciate ligament occur along with damage to other structures in the knee, such as articular cartilage, meniscus, or other ligaments. Queen West Physiotherapy has a variety of ACL protocols it uses depending on the surgeon and presentation of the injury.


A bursa is a sac of fluid that cushions and protects a persons joints. There are several in different parts of an individuals knee.Overuse, a fall, or repeated bending can irritate the bursa, causing pain and swelling. Two types of bursitis are called ”housemaid’s knee” and”preacher’s knee,” since these injuries are often caused by kneeling.


The most common bone broken around the knee is the patella. The ends of the femur and tibia where they meet to form the knee joint can also be fractured. Many fractures around the knee are caused by high energy trauma, such as falls from significant heights and motor vehicle collisions.

Tendon Tears

The quadriceps and patellar tendons can be stretched and torn. Although anyone can injure these tendons, tears are more common among middle-aged people who play running or jumping sports. Falls,direct force to the front of the knee, and landing awkwardly from a jump are common causes of knee tendon injuries. Queen West Physiotherapy often uses acupuncture which is very effective in controlling pain and decreasing inflammation, as well as promoting quicker healing. In fact, the therapists at this clinic, teach acupuncture to other therapists and doctors from all over Ontario.

At Queen West Physiotherapy people will find very knowledgeable physiotherapists who have seen a variety of knee problems and know exactly what steps to employ in a patients rehab program to get a patient moving again without any knee symptoms.  The therapists also communicate with doctors to ensure that clients get full care and all concerns are addressed.  Queen West people will find a friendly,relaxing environment at this clinic where the physiotherapists will listen to them and offer high quality healthcare with a personal touch. For more information, please visit the clinics website at

MLK365 announces Sacramento City College as starting location for 2015 Martin Luther King Jr. March.

For Immediate Release:Contact: Sam Starks: (916) 479-1918 For information and detailed route information visit

MLK365 announces Sacramento City College / Hughes Stadium as the new starting location for the 2015 Martin Luther King Jr. March. “Marching Makes a Difference!”

“Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable… Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals.”—Martin Luther King Jr.

On January 19, Sacramento will host the 34th Annual Capitol March for the Dream, Northern California’s largest Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebration.  With 28,000 expected to participate,   March organizers announced that Sacramento City College and Hughes Stadium’s parking area as the new start location for the March.  

The March started at Sacramento City College some 34 years ago, and it makes sense for the march to go where it began, especially as it is fast becoming the destination for place for most Northern Californians to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. With plenty of free parking,  walking distance to public transit, and close access to the freeway for those coming from out of town, it’s the perfect place for the march.” said Sam Starks executive director of MLK365.  

“The March took advantage of the symbolic importance of a street named, ‘Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.’ and created a special leaders only introductory leg of the march called, ‘The Extra Mile.’  Like Dr. King, being a leader sometimes means that one has to go the extra mile in the service of others,” Starks said. The extra mile walkers arriving at Sacramento City College will signal the start of the March. “The Extra Mile provides teachers, pastors, law enforcement, political, civic and other leaders the opportunity to walk arm-in-arm in a public show of unity and purpose to continue the march that King and others began. Dr. King would say, “We must learn to live together as brothers and sisters or perish together as fools.”  “For MLK365, the King Holiday is a symbolic reminder for all Americans that civil rights and social justice must be more than what we do, but who we are.”

To register for the Extra mile, marchers can text “MLK365leaders” to 40691 or one the web at www.

The Capitol March for the Dream is free to the public. For more information about the March  text “MLK365” to 71441 or on the web at

Individuals walking the Extra Mile should be at the Oak Park Community Center no later than 8a.m. The march will depart at 8:30 am to Sacramento City College.  

The walk will take people through some of Sacramento’s most historic neighborhoods, pausing for a brief rally at the State Capitol and then to the Sacramento Convention Center on J Street. The doors to the Diversity Expo at the Sacramento Convention Center will open at 10a.m.

“The Diversity Expo will offer a full range of activities,” said Dr. Charlane Starks, the Expo Coordinator. “There will be speakers, crafts and educational materials for children of all ages. There will be a wisdom corner where  elders can share  experiences and several pavilions focused on Education, Careers, Health and other Resources.”

Contact: Sam Starks: (916) 479-1918 For information and detailed route information visit

Medispa is The Leading Clinic for Coolsculpting in the Denver Area With A Special Promotion

 In the Denver metropolitan area MediSpa is firmly the leading clinic in the Coolsculpting procedure backed both by professional opinion and a long list of enthusiastic testimonials.

Coolsculpting is one of the most popular and effective approach to permanent fat removal.

There’s no doubt at all that when it comes to cutting edge,highly effective body sculpting and anti-aging services Coolsculpting highly praised for its effectiveness. 

In the Denver metro area MediSpa has earned the reputation of being the leading clinic for the Coolsculpting procedure. 

The clinic is  giving thanks to their valued patients and new clients by announcing a Coolsculpting Special save $1000 for a 2 area treatment for abdomen or flanks  for selected dates  being December 22nd thru December 31st..

Depending on a patients needs and desires  Coolscuplting is a excellent choice commented a spokesperson from MediSpa. 

Many consider Coolsculpting the most exciting break through in liposuction alternatives in decades. 

Coolsculpting is a revolutionary, FDA- approved non-surgical, contouring treatment that freezes stubborn fat, which then is naturally eliminated from your body.

No needles, no special diets, no supplements, no surgery, and most importantly, no downtime.

It’s safe, FDA-cleared, effective, and does exactly what it’s supposed to do: eliminate unwanted fat. It’s a new kind of fat removal treatment developed by Harvard scientists.

This unique, patented, clinically-proven procedure involves freezing fat cells without damage to your skin.

There’s no knife. No needles. No lasers. After your treatment, you get on with your busy day.

Denver MediSpa continues to receive incredibly positive feedback from their loyal patients.Alex D., from Denver, recently said, “Medispa has me love to look in the mirror again” Thank you! 

We encourage anyone interested in exploring body sculpting and the other anti-aging services we offer to visit our website and give us a call. 

We would love to discuss how we can help.

For more information be sure to visit